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RCCZ’s "New, Preference, Rapid" Sales Promotion for New Year's Day

RCCZ’s "New, Preference, Rapid" Sales Promotion for New Year's Day


The New Year's Day is coming. Do you want to have an excellent appearance of your home when you are choosing the wooden door for your home's decoration? There are many sales promotion at the time of New Year's Day. Do you want to have a practical and excellent wooden door? When you are choosing the wooden door, do you want to save time so that to get the door with instantly installation? If you want to do so, RCCZ's "New, Preference, Rapid" sales promotion is the opportunity that you do must not miss.

RCCZ is the first one who gained the "China Branding Business" in wooden door industry. Its wooden door is the perfect combination of the artificial beauty of traditional wooden door and the safety environment of modern door. It emphasizes to endow the wooden door with spirit and soul.  Every door has a fair-sounding name with a beautiful story. It is not only the protector of the family but also the maker of the individual space atmosphere as well as the performer of the host's life taste. At the coming of the New Year's Day, RCCZ holds this special activity in order to say thanks to the new old customers' concern and support. We hope this will bring more preferences and wishes of new year to all of customers.

Time: Dec.20, 2010~Jan. 7, 2011

Location: all the speciality stores of RCCZ in domestic

Characteristics: "New", "Special", "Rapid"; ("New": the new old customers can all gain the gift for new year; "Preference": preference for new year with huge discount; "Rapid": Instantly installation at once buy without waiting period;)

For more details, pls consult RCCZ's local speciality stores!
RCCZ‘s wooden door special promotion

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