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Four Notes for Steel Wood Door Purchase

Four Notes for Steel Wood Door Purchase


Composition of steel wood doors

The main ingredients in steel wood doors are consisted of two major parts, in which the door leaf uses the cold-rolled steel as based materials, and the door pocket uses wood multilayer (fir) as based materials, the cold-rolled steel and wood laminate plate used by steel wood doors are flat plate, the entire surface treatment is green and environment protection, steel wood doors paint needs temperatures above 300℃, this production process also ensures that the product is non-toxic to some extent. steel wood door is non-toxic, tasteless; do not contain formaldehyde, toluene, no radiation pollution, which is the outstanding green product.

1. See product color Toxic steel wood doors generally use inexpensive lead salt stabilizer as the main raw material. This material contains lead, which is named PVC profiles. Non-toxic steel wood doors and windows use Mercaptan organotin T-137 stabilizer named VPVC profiles, which is non-toxic, pollution-free, and in line with the environmental requirements. Consumers must clearly identify the profile and name of the product at the time of purchase.

2. See the packaging labeling View the product name, the implementation of standards, name, factory address and quality grade on the product packaging or marked on the tab. For example, whether steel wood armored door basic contents are completely marked, whether the text or graphics have chromatic ghosting or deviation.

3. See the results Toxic steel wood doors color is white, but giving a very stunned intuitive sense, which is dark or white through the blue, strong sense of smooth, and will become grayish black after being used for some time due to the sulfur and sulfide pollution in the atmosphere. Non-toxic steel wood doors are pure color, like ivory, crystal clear, soft and smooth feeling, have the feeling of penetration inside, which will not turn grayish black due to sulfur and sulfide pollution in the atmosphere.

3. See product profile name Lead salt steel wood doors and windows will form lead dust on the surface in the long-term effects of day light and heat, which can cause lead poisoning and lead contamination. After the lead goes into the human body, part of them is discharged through the feces, sweat, most of them precipitate in the bone marrow, and melt into the bloodstream, which will damage the bone marrow hematopoietic system, brain system and urinary system and reproductive organs. Of course, if discover this situation in the course of use, we should immediately discard this kind of steel wood doors to ensure health. is one of the largest wooddoor manufacturers in East Asia. We provide a full range of wooddoor products including Flush Door, Veneer Moulded Door and Solid Wood Door, as well as jambs, window sills. We have a clear vision of its future as a leading manufacturer in the worldwide wooddoor industry. To achieve this goal, RCCZ promises to deliver the products and service with the best quality.                                                                            

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