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Wooden Door Industry Revolution — Sophisticated Equipment Take Place of Handwork

Wooden Door Industry Revolution — Sophisticated Equipment Take Place of Handwork


The wooden door industry has always been typical labor-intensive. For a long time, this industry is very difficult to get rid of the traditional impression of pure handiwork. But in fact, a many of mainstream home improvement company and wooden door manufacturer have already introduced large-scale advanced equipment and started a vigorous home improvement industrial revolution.

When “prefabricated wooden door” and “custom wooden door” became popular ads slogan, we can find that some factories which have prefabricated door and custom wooden door making capacity have become a symbol of the home improvement industry. On the other hand, such a phenomenon not only indicates that the wooden door industry is developing towards maturity, but also is a landmark where the industry is coming to an important turning point.

Wooden Doors Market: Custom Business is More Steady In fact, wooden door factory is as popular as, or more welcomed than stores among consumers. Factory means industrialization, that is, all wooden doors are manufactured in production lines, which can eliminate the disadvantages of unsteady manual operation. The quality of those products from well-equipped factories is almost comparable with that of the handmade products. What’s more, production with machines is more environmentally friendly, because woodworking leftovers can be reused by machines and the machine will paint the door more efficiently without dropping any paint on the floor. Last but not least, factorization means customization. Machines can make what ever consumers or designers want, as long as they put forward the specific requirements, like glazed door and steel wood door.

Along with the enthusiasm of the home improvement market, wooden door manufacturer begins to introduce advanced equipment and launched a mighty industrial revolution. Services like custom wooden doors, entire wooden door installation have began to emerge, which makes the industry development path more and more clear.

Wood Doors Industry: Industrialization Raise Industry Threshold Industrialization is an important parameter to measure the level of standardization of one industry. The division of labor in wooden door manufacturing industry will only get much more specialized and industrial production lines are required to achieve such specialization. This is because the following three points. Firstly, wooden doors made by machine are not only with fine craft and beautiful, but also more accurate than the handmade ones. Secondly, mass production can save raw materials and cost. Thirdly, machine can help shorten the manufacturing period and improve efficiency of the enterprises.

As for consumers, it is necessary to seek the way of decoration that can really save effort, time and money, and can also satisfies the need of personalization. Therefore, custom design and machine manufacturing service pack become the trend of the market. This pack, to some extent, can also solve the problems of lack of technicians and cost-saving.

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