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High-end Wooden Market Is Robust in 2013

High-end Wooden Market Is Robust in 2013


In recent years, a number of home improvement stores begin to switch towards high-end market because most consumers from this market segment are rational consumers and second order consumers, and they value brands and accept higher price. This group of customers attracts many enterprises. However, enterprises should not that there is a limited market share for high-end market, and consumers from this market segment have strong brand awareness. Brand building takes a long period of time and it requires strong R&D capacity, high quality products and excellent service.

In 2013, solid wooden doors industry begins to recover, and wooden door manufacturers take various actions, such as mergers and acquisitions, transformation, overseas factory construction, brand marketing, integrated e-marketing, etc. Among these actions, brand marketing, digitization, environmental protection product developing and high-end oriented are commonly recognized.

1. Brand Marketing
In the transition process from seller's market to buyer's market, brand marketing is beginning to be planned on the marketing schedules of wooden door manufacturers. With the gradual enhanced brand awareness of consumers, brand building and marketing is urgent for manufacturers.
In the past five years, brand building and marketing in the wooden door industry has reached an unprecedented height. Manufacturers and Agents not only do much work on brand name and image, but also invest a lot to promote brand recognition and reputation. It can say that an era of brand PK has already come.

2. Environment Oriented
Keywords like ecological civilization promotion, sustainable development, economic transformation are quite popular in China as well as in the world. These trends will have a profound impact on the development of the wooden door industry, and low-carbon and environmental protection is undoubtedly the most popular trends nowadays.
In 2013, the first-line wood door brands will surely continue to explore energy saving measures, and develop towards environmentally friendly goals. For example, wooden door thinning and weight reducing, raw material choosing methods, wooden door environmental protection performance are likely to be greatly improved.

3. High-end Trend
What is a high-end wooden door? According to professional market players, firstly, high-end wooden doors are produced with advanced technologies and their performance are beyond the ordinary wooden doors; secondly, they have unique décor effects and can meet customers’ specific requirements; thirdly, they are much expensive than other wooden doors.
Custom wood doors market was quite hot in 2012, which indicates that high-end market is recovering and has got recognition by consumers. It is estimated that there are over one hundred high-end products in the market and more than 10 kinds among them are well-known and take a certain market share.

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