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Wooden Door Manufacturers should Build Higher Standards to Better Development

Wooden Door Manufacturers should Build Higher Standards to Better Development


Although price war won no good reputation from consumers last year, it is still the keyword of wooden door industry this year.

Euramerican wooden door enterprises entered the Chinese market since the early 1990s and took a certain market share in a short period of time. They have gained a firm foothold in the Chinese market and the Chinese wooden door manufacturers have not so strong competitiveness to compete with them. There is still a wide gap between the overall development of Chinese wooden door industry and that of other countries’. Our self-development and self-innovation abilities are not strong enough. We still lack strong R&D technology and technicians, as well as high-tech and high value-added products. There is no doubt that innovation become the biggest problem that Chinese solid wood doors enterprises faced with.

Now Chinese wood door industry is developing in a rapid speed currently. Under this circumstance, domestic wooden door manufacturers should set up higher standards for themselves and catch up with the European and America enterprises. They should have a long-term view in order to get long-term and broader development opportunities.

Chinese wooden door manufacturers should work better in innovation instead of getting bogged down in price wars. Some foreign wooden door brands are with a long history. They are expensive but they appeals to consumers. Therefore, it is not wise to choose low price strategy to compete with these brands because in some people’s eyes, cheap means not good. Chinese wooden door manufacturers should improve their product quality, building their own brands in order to gain market share and get consumers’ recognition. Brand building means an enterprise should have higher industrial standard, higher quality and innovative goods, as well as excellent services. Therefore, wooden door manufacturers should seek development in these aspects.

For example, product innovation often means innovation in appearance design and production technology. Besides, it should also means to satisfy customers’ demand. Manufacturers should know clearly what functions and designs consumers want most and design their products to meet consumers’ requirements. Therefore, wooden door enterprises should have strong market sensitiveness and follow the market trend closely.

Article by Ruicheng Chuangzhan, a professional wooden door manufacturer in China. It is a progressive company with more than 12 years experience in wood door and steel wood door business. It has 4 business departments in China, as well as 8 sales offices respectively in Beijing, Shanghai, Shandong, Heilongjiang and Australia. Its production bases cover a total area about 70,000 sqm with production volume reaches 300,000 sets and it has more than 2200 employees dedicating for RCCZ best quality products.

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