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Standardization Help Wooden Door Quality Upgrade

Standardization Help Wooden Door Quality Upgrade


The China wooden door industry has gone through three period, that is, family workshop period, small-scale semi-industrialized customization period and large-scale mass production period. They have their own survival modes when exist simultaneously.

There is an eternal topics in wooden door industry, that is, how to get more stable product quality and excellent decorative performance with lower cost. Compared to the custom wood doors production, standardized wooden door production shows more and more advantages with the development of production techniques.

Then what is standardized wooden door? It refers to those wooden doors mass produced with standardized processes. They are with fixed sizes and styles.

Standardized Products
Mass automated production makes the product more precise and tight. It can greatly improve production efficiency as well as lower the production cost. Customers can choose higher quality wooden door with superior materials with the same expense.
A many standardized wooden doors manufacturer in China has introduced advanced production line and some of them own a production capacity of 100,000 standardized units per year. They show the ability of "spot supplies and 7 days installation". The normalized wooden doors’ size range can basically meet the current construction standard size requirements, so that more consumers can enjoy high-quality standardized products easily and quickly.

Standardized Craft
Fully automated production process enable new technology and craft get new applications. New technology painted surfaces use less paint and can keep the wooden doors away from the benzene, VOC and other harmful substances. It can also avoid common defects like paint surface cracking and swelling. They have more advantage in places where temperature and humidity changes a lot.

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Standardized Packaging
Packaging is an overlooked aspect by many companies. Some wooden door manufacturers have their own standardized packaging methods for different categories of doors. They choose specific packaging method for a kind of door to ensure it can safely be delivered to their customers without the harm of humidity and shake.

Standardized Anti-fake Technology
It is common that some small wooden door manufacturers makes shoddy in order to make money. To avoid that, many large manufacturers adopt standardized anti-counterfeiting labels to ensure that their consumers buy true doors. They give a unique code for their doors on the outside packages as well as on the warranty cards. Customers can send the code to their system number or call manufacturers to check whether it is true or not.

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