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Tips for You to Identify Quality Solid Wood Doors

In date, there are more and more wooden door manufactures in global market. As long as the door core material is not make by particleboard but a multilayer, it can be called solid wood door. Solid wood doors are derived from natural forest wood and the natural forest wood will be used to make door core. It is produced by drying, cutting, planing, mortising, drilling, high speed milling processes. Solid wood doors is popular by it’s distinct function of sound insulation for it has a good sound absorption. China is a country with abundant wooden material, China wooden doors are very popular all over the world.
Solid Wood Doors
When it comes to the selecting of solid wood doors, it is no doubt that every user wants to buy a beautiful and practical door, but actually, it is not so easy, since there are so many doors in the market. It requires us not only to pay attention to the appearance of the door, but also recognize the quality of the door. How to identify the quality of solid wood doors is a kind of technique, here will give you the tips as following.
First, knock on it. Fillers in the door are generally divided into solid and partially solid filler. solid filler is heavy and with high price, but partially solid filler is relatively lighter and cheaper. However, we must to pay attention that some sinister business use some scraps as filler to increase the weight to cheat consumers, so as a consumer, we should develop the habit of buying branded products.
Second, the identification method is to observe seal. Seal is directly related to the compactness of the door. Sealing strip is hidden between the door pocket and door contact part. Formal enterprises will add seals to avoiding the problem of a seam after closing the door.
Third, the material of the door. Businesses will not always use the same material in the door pocket and door leaf. solid wood doors not mean that it will all use solid wood door cover. If you do a solid wood door with density board, it will easy to cause deformation of the door frame, because it does not contain wood fibers and water will prone to foaming, so it is best to ask the merchant whether the door pocket and the door cover are of the same material when buying it.
Solid wood door makes your home more attractive and play an important role in building material. Nowadays, it is not difficult to see that there are some carving on wood doors, that is because solid wood door not only efficience in it’s protection function, but also the aesthetic aspect.