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Knowledge about Solid Wood Door

Knowledge about Solid Wood Door

Solid wood door’s door core is made of natural wood, which has been dried before being processed. That is to say those solid wood doors can be made from a wide variety of woods, which makes a difference in the overall price. Nowadays more popular materials generally are elm, pine, bar-wood, catalpa, ash, beech, etc. Door wood texture is characterized by clear, strong sense of the overall three-dimensional.China wooden doors are very popular,because China is a cuntry with abundont forest resources.

Solid Wooden Door 

All solid wood door demanding process quality, but its advantage is luxurious and beautiful, solid modeling. The precision of modern technology and traditional hand-carving technology integration, given the nature of solid wood doors, permanent magic arts and humanities, reflecting the noble, luxurious, classic artistic value. Base on solid wood door, we mainly can see two types of solid wood doors in the market. The first one it High-end solid wood door, the second one is pure solid wood door.

High-end solid wood doors are usually made of rare wood like walnut, cherry, rosewood, etc., and their prices vary from RMB 2,000-3,000 yuan according to different raw materials and textures. A fine teak wood door can be sold up to RMB3000-4000 yuan.

Pure solid wood doors need higher production process techniques. They should be well dehydrated and degreased, or they will be easy to deform and crack. Therefore, when choosing solid wooden doors, we should choose big wooden door manufacturer.
Also, from the design of the door, it also can be divided into solid core door and plywood door.

1. Solid core doors are roughly twice the weight of hollow core doors. This makes for a slightly harder installation, but gives you years of far better performance over the hollow cores. The type we are discussing in this article, the solid core door looks like one or more large pieces of wood that may have been milled and planed straight from a single log. Rather, these are composite doors.

2. plywood door is in light in weight,low price with good decorative effect. The panel is generally imported from abroad and gives people the feeling of simple and lightweight, so home decoration are tend to use such products.

With the famous style, Majestic, is the identity of successful people demonstrate. Hard and soft woods, including common solid-wood door is the 6-panel pinedoor. These doors are generally used on exteriors, but may occasionally be used indoors. Keep in mind that solid wood will shrink and expand with changing temperatures and humidity, so it's best not to use solid wood doors for a bathroom, sauna or other damp.
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