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Solid Wood Door and Solid Wood Compound Door, Which is Better?

Solid Wood Door and Solid Wood Compound Door, Which is Better?

Solid wood doors and solid wood compound doors are the two most common wood doors, many consumers are often hesitating between the two kinds of doors at the purchase of solid wood door, and they do not know which doors should be selected. Now, the door expert will give us some advices as follows:

1. The material differences between solid wood doors and solid compound wood doors
Solid wood door means the door material is made of natural wood from the forest or wood timber (also known as solid wood finger-jointed timber or solid wood teeth-jointed solid wood), scientifically processed after drying, cutting, planing, mortising, drilling, high speed milling, assembly, sanding, painting and other processes. Solid wood compound door is the door made of two or more materials, externally bonded with MDF and solid wood veneer, made after high temperature hot pressing and uses solid wood lines for edge banding.

2. Solid wood doors and solid compound wood doors difference in performance
Because solid wood door uses natural wood as timber, it has a natural color and texture, appearance is beautiful and elegant. Solid wood doors uses wooden materials not added with any chemicals when processing, retaining wood flavor, have no harmful volatile substances, and environmental protection. In addition, it can be carved, grid, shape processing is flexible and three-dimensional, high hardness, ever-changing. Meanwhile, solid wood doors have good sound absorption, so sound insulation effect is better. What’s more, the wood grain texture and color of solid wood doors will be more real and natural.

Solid Wood Compound Door 

The door core of solid wood doors is mostly high quality white pine, and wood veneer on the surface. Since white pine is low density, light weight, and easier to control the moisture content, thus the weight of the finished doors is lighter, and not easy to deform and crack. In addition, solid wood compound doors also have thermal insulation, impact resistance, flame-retardant properties, and sound insulation effect is basically the same as solid wood doors.

3. Solid wood door and solid wood compound door, which is better for families?
Solid wood doors and solid wood compound doors have low carbon and environmental protection characteristics, compared to other door categories, the price of solid wood doors is more expensive, the biggest drawback of solid wood doors is easy to crack, deform and difficult to repair. However, the wood composite doors overcome the shortcoming of solid wood doors being easy to crack, and deform, which have sound insulation, environmental protection, durable, impact-resistant, affordable, easy to repair, a strong sense and feel of wood and other characteristics.

Therefore, for the choice of solid wood doors and solid wood compound doors, you need to select according to the actual situation, to ensure that you buy the healthy, environmental protection and cost-effective doors. is one of the largest wooden doors manufacturers in China. We are a progressive company with more than 12 years experience in wood door business. RCCZ provides a full range of wood door products, including Flush Door, Veneer Moulded Door and Solid Wood Door, as well as jambs, window sills.
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