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Wooden Door Manufacturers Should Find Correct Direction and Market

Wooden Door Manufacturers Should Find Correct Direction and Market


Urbanization means construction and décor demand will increase, as well as wooden door demand. Besides first-tier cities, the second and third tier cities wooden door suppliers would have a large market. However, under the circumstance that the real estate market is still under controlled and regulated by the government, solid wood doors manufacturers may faced with soft demand. Industry insiders generally believe that manufacturers should concern about the rigid demands, including demand from people who first buy houses and who want to improve their living environment.

China economy turns from investment and export-oriented to boosting domestic demand, which is a positive news for wooden door industry. Market players believe that the industry will develop steadily without sudden increase and disastrous decline.

In 2012, many wooden door brands accelerated their pace in cultivating the market in the second and third tier cities. A number of new wooden door shops are opened in these cities in a rapid speed. With the coming of consumer era, consumers have higher demand for product quality, service and lifestyle. Wooden door enterprises should be aware of consumer service awareness and improve their product and service quality. If all the enterprises can do this, the wooden door industry will develop steadily and healthily.

In 2013, wooden door industry should find ways to increase the product added value. On the one hand, they should improve the door designs. On the other hand, they should improve their service. “Our goal in 2013 is still to improve our service. We will enhance service through change in marketing strategy and the expansion of new channels. We are going to build confidence of our supplier, but also give our customers more benefits,” said a brand marketing director of a wooden door enterprise. This enterprise provides an on-line platform to customers, which not only meet the demand of young customers with this new service, but also catch up with the trend of on-line marketing with this new marketing channel.

Under strict control and regulation for the real estate market and faced with nearly saturated domestic market, many large solid hardwood doors enterprise are trying to adjust their own industrial chain and achieve diversified development. Some enterprises focus on the upgrade of their chain stores and improve their industry level. Some enterprises work all out to adjust their structure and build their own brand.

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