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Wooden Doors will be replaced by other future door?

Wooden Doors will be replaced by other future door?


In recent years because of wooden door industry market development is not ideal, coupled with the steel door, aluminium alloy door, metal door and so on, the types of doors as much as jaw dropping. Moreover, because the intelligent Home Furnishing pop, new production process and equipment are gradually emerging, it's all on wood door industry caused great pressure on the invisible.

At present, the wooden door industry is facing the crisis of the materials, wood raw material scarcity makes the material cost of imported wood door industry is increasing, lag wood door industry production levels and increased the negative effects of the crisis. In other doors, no material problems, the small increase in production costs, in the production of this level will lead and wood door industry.

Also, the wooden doors are merely for indoor and outdoor use, minimal, direct compression of the wood door industry market space. While the other kind of door, it can be applied in various space, aluminium alloy door is a very good example. More importantly, with the production process of glass of the upgrade, toughened glass door is become a hot market, is an indispensable element of office decoration. In addition, the popular decoration design of modern simple style, simplicity, the atmosphere of the rise of home products, and the doors of the design is complex, and the current popular trend does not match.

Moreover, people's life rhythm is accelerated, solid wood door is not easy to clean the defects to resulting in young people welcome degree greatly reduced, and the outbreak of the crisis coincided with the shortage of raw materials, solid wood door market space is bound to reduce; composite door conforms to the the various needs of the current market, however, wooden door industry is not possible rely on the double entry doors support, must develop new material development to sustain the wooden door industry.

Although, wooden door market faces huge adjustment, but for now, wooden door industry innovation ability is not enough to produce a new type of wooden products or categories. So, in a short time, the wooden doors of the industry make it difficult to solve the current crisis, but other sorts of industry's survival but will not be stopped. So, in the future market competition, wooden door industry will be more and more big crisis.

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