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The green economy will become a new trend in wood door industry

The green economy will become a new trend in wood door industry


At present many countries especially developed countries have put green low-carbon economy as a financial crisis and economic recession, environmental degradation and climate change other aspects the countermeasure. Along with the country to develop green economy, low carbon economy is such a boom, China economy also attaches great importance to it and start to promote the work of the green and low carbon economy. We also hope that more building materials industry, wooden door industry, to join the ranks, work together to protect our environment, protect our earth!

The whole world wooden door manufacturing, 32% species from Western Europe, 27% from North America, and another 29% from the Far East countries. From the wood doors of the consumer can also see the middle class has played a major role. Analysis on the wooden door industry, many people think that about 2% of the growth this year, the next few years there will be a small amount of growth.

With the energy-saving emission reduction efforts unceasing enhancement, all sectors of society work on energy conservation is also a growing concern. Wooden door industry as a traditional industry, in the material demand, production process and other aspects for the higher energy consumption, energy saving and environmental protection work, also need to pay attention to.

Green economy has become the world's direction of development, green development and the consumption mode, will become the new trend in China wood industry. The real green wood door products must be high price, high profit windfall profit product. But in the entire social the green trend, many companies are pretended in fashionable "Green", conform the trend of environmental carbon occasion, really do, "Green Heart". Not only to ensure that products on human health can guarantee achieve environmental carbon in the entire R & D, design, supply, production, logistics and so the whole industry chain the wood doors businesses, very few.

High cost and improve access to the threshold

The real green wood door products are necessarily high cost. These costs include the cost of the original public enterprises into the enterprise product cost part, such as the original enterprise of waste gas, waste, wastewater discharge is not included or rarely included in the enterprise cost accounting, due to really achieve environmental protection and low carbon, should be included in the cost of enterprise components. The relative is not included in the cost of the enterprise, the real green environmental protection enterprise product cost will certainly be push up. Green wood door to achieve environmental protection and low carbon, must buy advanced environmental protection equipment, application of low carbon technology, environmental protection and energy saving to hire high-end professional talents, these are to be cost effective, even huge investment.

At present, consumers on the requirements of green products only in formaldehyde emissions have a direct impact on human health of the wood door products, and environmental protection, the doors in the production process, whether such low carbon does not concern, because this and consumers have no direct interest relationship, consumers are unwilling to pay for it. So the real green wooden door enterprises have to spend a lot of the cost of education, to guide, to persuade consumers to help consumers how to identify, using real environmental protection, low carbon products. The cost of education is mostly to the enterprises themselves, not high profit support, companies do not have the power and ability to conduct consumer education and outreach.

High profits or will usher in "profiteering"

Economics has a "bad money drives out good money" market phenomenon, if the market bad money can circulate it, people to will hide the real currency, and more and more to the use of counterfeit money, counterfeit money market will be more and more, and finally forced the good money out of circulation. Similarly, if only to catch a few words of green environmental protection slogans shouted to confuse the public, deceive consumers,  real green business will certainly be hit and marginalized, ultimately from the "Green Heart" become "Green Paper". Therefore, the development of green wooden door is necessarily a high profit for the first driving force.

Only above the current average profit wood industry can lead to the sustainable development of the green wooden door industry. A thankless thing who is not willing to do, only the high profit, to allow enterprises to continue to go into new environmental low-carbon technologies the  research development, technology and manufacturing, to attract more social capital to enter the green wood door industry, ensure the industry healthy, benign, sustainable development.

The real green modern wood doors products are not always high profit "profiteering", with the scale expand and industrial upgrading, like any mature industries, such as household appliances, IT industry, industry average profit will be less in the market rules. But in a long period of time, especially in the early stages of industrial development, is the inevitable trend of "profiteering".

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