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Wood Doors Can Be Useful

Wood Doors Can Be Useful

Doors are traditionally used to give access into a room or building, but a door can also have alternative uses. Wood doors can add charm to a home in the traditional manner but can be even more appealing if used in a non traditional way. Why not use that old wooden front door to add charm to your home in manners other than to gain access to your home.

Adding solid wooden door to your home is a great way to add charm and style. By replacing metal exterior doors with wooden exterior doors will give a new look to your home. A wood door is very inviting to guest and not only add charm to your entry way but also can create a unique look to your homes outward appearance. This is the most common use for a wooden door, but you should also consider some of the more non traditional uses for wooden doors.

By taking a wooden door off its hinges and placing it on a base you can create an elegant, creative table that your guest will be talking about. To create this table master piece you will need an old wooden door, a piece of glass or other clear surface to make the door into a flat surface and something to place the table on. This is a great project that will allow you creativity to flow. You can insert items under the glass to personalize the door table to your decor. This table can be made for the dining room or as a coffee table. Add molding to make the door table have that finished look. Use your imagination to make this one of a kind piece of furniture for your home.

Another way to take old wood doors and reuse them in your home in a non traditional fashion is to make wall art out of them. By hanging old wooden doors on your walls either vertically or horizontally you can create a unique look for your home. Use them as accents for your art work or family pictures. You can even attach mirrors to them to spice things up. By using doors in other ways in your home you can create a unique decor and personalize your space. Taking what is traditional and found in every home in a non traditional way is a great way to customize your decor.

The final suggestion to making good use out of custom solid wood doors is to create a one of a kind head board. A head board is one of those pieces of furniture that many people over look as important. Yes you can go without but why not make your own customized head board from old wooden doors. Placing a wooden door horizontally behind your bed adds new dimension to your bedroom. This can be embellished with molding and paint to match any style. Old wooden doors have great craftsmanship and can really add warmth and depth to your bedroom. This will not only anchor your bed, making it appear more luxurious but also give charm to your bedroom for a fraction of the cost of traditional headboards.

By thinking outside of the box you can take a simple everyday item and turn it into a piece of art. By creating your own dining or coffee table to making unique head boards there are many things wooden doors can be used for. You will not only be adding charm and style to your home but also taking what might otherwise be thrown away and reusing it. This is a great way to recycle and help reduce the cost of decorating your home.


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