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Wooden Doors in China's Development Prospects

Wooden Doors in China's Development Prospects


China's wooden doors in the production and circulation has started to enter the exuberant period of development, can be said to be ascendant, wooden doors in China's development prospects are very broad.
1. Stimulating consumer demand will continue increasing production and marketing of wood doors urban real estate market will be sustained and healthy development of the Olympic project entered the construction phase, the output value of building decoration works in the next few years will be substantial growth, strong consumer demand in the market, Wooden doors to develop a good opportunity.

In 2010 the urbanization rate to reach more than 45%, urban per capita residential area plan calls for up to 25 square meters, according to China's urban households by an average of 3.16 people, households are generally 80 square meters field. This must be sustained and rapid development of the real estate industry. New residential decorated with old Jiuzhai decorative production value, roughly 2:1. According to statistics, 2002 decoration industry output value reached 720 billion yuan, of which 420 billion yuan residential decoration. Expected, the next few years, the annual output value of building decoration project will break through 800 billion yuan. Central to the "three rural" issue in a very dominant position, with the increased income of farmers, rural development wooden door decoration market will provide more room for development.

2008 Olympic works will enter the construction phase, new projects for the Beijing Olympics National Stadium, National Stadium, national swimming pool, the Wukesong Sports Centre, and other building facilities, a total of 17, the construction area of 1.6 million square meters. 45 reconstruction project, construction of which sports 671,000 square meters, the type of medical building 188,000 square meters, hotels category construction area of 4.87 million square meters. This is clearly need a considerable number of wooden doors. Olympic project will also promote the transformation and economic capital of Wei Jiufang housing construction process. Only Beijing as an example, the real estate area in a year and resumption of work more than 50 million square meters, building doors and windows to demand at least in more than 10 million square meters.

China is the world's largest production and use of windows and doors market, China's urban construction completion of the annual 500 million square meters in rural areas of 600 million square meters of construction, public buildings amounted to 700 million square meters. 10 per cent in accordance with doors, windows account for 20 percent, or 30%. China's annual alone more than 500 million square meters of doors and windows market, the data equivalent to four European markets in the use of windows and doors. With the increasing demand for raw materials prices will naturally followed up, but the comprehensive analysis of China's wooden doors of the market, rising raw material prices will not factor the doors of the current market price too much influence, the doors of production enterprises The swap can still digest.

2. Wooden doors in circulation will be even more active market and accelerate the import and export trade at present, China's wood door manufacturing enterprises are mainly distributed in six regions, but has not yet formed a more mature industry areas. First, to Guangdong and Fujian as the center of the Pearl River Delta region, the area started earlier, the main reason, in addition to stimulating the consumption level, because the wooden doors are now more imported timber-related. Second, Zhejiang, Jiangsu and Shanghai as the center of the Yangtze River Delta region, the number and size enterprises in the growth rate soon. Third, Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei, Shandong as the center of the Beijing.

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