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Description of Common Door Designs

Description of Common Door Designs


Flush door: Stressed skin construction consisting of a core, stiles, rails, edge banding, and two face panels. Flush doors can be solid or hollow core.

Stile & rail door: Door with several panels, interspersed with horizontal strips (rails) and/or vertical strips (stiles) with the result being a three-dimensional appearance.

French door: Door consisting of panes of glass separated by vertical and horizontal framing members.

Patio door: Glazed exterior door that may either be hinged or sliding.

Louver door: Door with a series of slats, usually arranged horizontally and fastened between vertical structural pieces.

Eexterior entrance door: Wood exterior entrance doors are commonly of stile & rail construction. an exterior door must be inished so that it resists the elements and manufactured of materials that are weather-resistant.

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