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Such a door is normal

Such a door is normal


Lots of people think there will be nothing wrong with the wooden door because it is just a piece of wood. So once the door has a problem, they blame the seller immediately and finally both are depressed.

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In fact, it is normal to have a little problem with the door, just like although we spend more than a thousand dollars on an iphone, sometimes it is on the fritz; we spend more than a million dollars on a luxury car but it breaks down sometimes. Perfect products do not exist in the world. No one can promise that the door you bought will never go wrong but we can promise that once there is a problem with the door, we will spare no effect to solve it for you.


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Why are there some small problems with the door? Because the doors is a customized product, which not only depends on some mechanical equipment, more needed by the craftsmen. And there are a lot of processes which are tightly linked. For example, if the door surface is not smooth sanded by the sander, it will cause the paint uneven. Things like this are too numerous to mention. Some factories are strict with the quality of the product but there are still some small problems, which are permitted by the industry standards and won’t have an impact on the future use so the customers do not have to worry about it. And the color difference is also common; as long as it is not too far off, we can ignore it.


Please make a difference between the quality problems and the non-quality problems like man-made scratch, pound or pry violently and so on. We will try our best to fix it or change it and of course, there is a certain maintenance fee; hope you will understand.


We, Guangdong Runcheng Chuangzhan Woodworking Co., Ltd. with a professional after-sales team, create a carefree environment for you!

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