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The solid wood door PK veneer wooden door!

The solid wood door PK veneer wooden door!


Wang Jue was solid wood door nice and ring protection,

New homes choose to install a solid wood door.

Home pro-Qi guest when,

But some say that this solid wood door is not really a solid wood door,

It is a real wooden stick leather wooden door.

Wang suddenly a sense of feel is a pit.

▷I had to come talk about the real wood door 

Solid wood door means a door inner and outer materials are the same or similar timber made of wooden doors, natural loop characteristics of protection, depending on the solid material of wood can be divided as: wood materials and 

two kinds of timber(加粗).


The solid wood door is a healthy home mounted decorative products, such as the solid wood door of one of the raw materials used in the main chemical components of wood lignin, of the ultraviolet line has a strong absorption effect, 

the surface of the wood tissue of fine micro-irregularities can light line scattering, to reduce eye fatigue and injury. The solid wood door is now in the consumer costs of a hot spot, is by people who green gaze of producing goods.

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▷I have to look at the real wood door fortunately, what ...

1. the wood grain pattern processing is clear, has a very strong overall sense of stereoscopic

The solid wood door is the door as a whole entirely with solid wood processing, so wood grain pattern processing clear has a very strong overall feeling and spatial effect.

2. does not change shape, corrosion, no stitching seam and separated heat insulation

The pure solid wood door is taken from the natural wood forests do door core, after degreasing and drying of the treatment, and then by cutting, polishing, mortising, drill, high-speed type washing processes scientific processing.

Pure solid wood gated with the name mostly expensive wood, such as cherry wood, core peach, walnut, rubber, wood, metal wire teak, oak, etc., through the finished product after processing door has not changed shape, corrosion, no stitching seam and spacer thermal insulation characteristics. At the same time, solid wood doors due to having good sound absorption, thus effectively act as soundproofing.

图:Pure solid wood door

3. the inner and outer material quality uniform

Its junction structure mainly the door frame mortise connected into contact insert embedded door core plate, it is in the high yield product. Its greatest feature is the inside and outside material quality is the same.

4. of the UV line absorption capacity strong

The solid wood door of the selected material are concentrated in orange as soft warm center tone timber main components of lignin to ultraviolet line absorption capacity strong, combined with the wood surface of fine micro unevenness forming a light line diffusely reflected reduce eye fatigue labor and damage.


▷ purchase real wood door Note distinguish not true and false ...

The solid wood door is the high-end consumer cost goods, now this city field on high-end wooden doors cancellation fees hot spot focused on the black walnut, teak, cherry mahogany, maple wood, beech wood and other varieties, as these several timber real high timber prices, so some manufacturers will choose some of the grain processing of low-grade wood near the pass-through staining technique posing as high-grade timber bully cheat consumer costs are.

Therefore consumer costs by selecting which of several timbers when should especially do not pay attention to, should choose a reputable there is real force manufacture the brand manufacturers, which some brand materials really solid, engineering arts speak study, the moisture content of the wood is generally in control 10% or so, after-sales service protection.

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▷ how to determine the real wooden doors true and false ...

First, look at the price

Because transportation costs and the cost and other reasons, the general quality of the amount of one good solid wood door prices are 2000 or more dollars, but it is not absolute, and consumer costs encountered by 

low-cost induced confusion when we should brush bright eyes.

Second, look at the weight

Since the solid wood door is used in an entire block of wood or isotype timber, it is generally non-weight than solid wood doors heavier, before installing consumption costs can weigh the door weight.

But one thing value noteworthy that some added pieces of wood glued agent pressure from the system, such as particleboard plate, with this kind of plate made of wooden doors its actual weight is not light. Further, since the gate fan size, thickness, and the door core filler is different, but also the guide actuator wooden doors of different weights reasons. Therefore, specific weight is not the most reasonable basis for judgment.

Third, look at grain Road

Pure positive real wood door surface wood grain natural flow smooth, and the fake solid wood door was often used surface stickers do decorative surface.

Consumers' charges may pass through Aberdeen meso observed wooden door surface pattern passage, such as the now spliced lines equal balanced way, repeating, such wooden doors mostly are not intended to sense the solid wood door.

news-Runcheng Chuangzhan-The solid wood door PK veneer wooden door-img

Fourth, look at the lock hole

Because you need to install the lock with, it is generally wood doors require pre-stay lock hole, consumer costs can penetrate through the lock hole concept observe it inside and outside the timber are the same, whether there 

are other fillers.

But there are some Cong Ming manufacturers who will lock using the hole position solid wood do support material consumption costs by selecting the time of waiting to learn many ways to Chen not.

Fifth, listen to the sound

Consumer costs are the purchase by hand knock on wood door various parts, such as found sounds uneven and even hollow, it is certainly not a solid wood door.

Sixth, guarding pseudo

Some businesses will choose the agent of some well-known wooden door after the brand, but never do the manufacturers of low-cost purchase posing big brands sell to make a profit. Consumers' fees can pass through this brand of anti 

released outside of pseudo-inquiry methods into line verification.

The solid wood door is the high-end products,

So everyone in the purchase of real wood door of time waiting,

Must pay attention to distinguish not between true and false.

If the price is too low for the honor to be careful to buy,

Pick the best option for reputable businesses.

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