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What is barn door?

What is barn door?


1. Where is the barn door suitable for installation?

Function rooms, living room partitions, cloakrooms, etc., especially where decorative door panels are needed.

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2. What do you need to pay attention to?

Because it is not fully fitted with strong, so the sound insulation and sealing performance is worse than ordinary doors, and usually do not install door locks. The quality of the track determines the longevity of the barn door, which is chosen as best 

as possible within the budget.

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Note: The wall where the barn door is installed must be able to withstand stress, preferably a load-bearing wall.

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3. Are there any places in the barn door that are not suitable for installation?

(1) Toilet

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The bathroom is not suitable. why? Because the barn door is a hanging rail, there is at least a 1cm gap between the door and the wall, there is no way to isolate the smell~ Think about the smell of the bathroom, it is drunk~

(2) Kitchen

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Most of the barn door materials are relatively easy to be contaminated by oil fumes, and cleaning is also very troublesome, and the upper hanging rail is also very difficult to clean ~ so the kitchen is not recommended to install the barn door.

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(3) Single people or small couples can still fit the barn door, but friends who pay more attention to personal privacy and are sensitive to sounds are not recommended.

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(4) It is advisable to use it as a decoration and put it in the entrance and living room, living room and study room, storage room, cloakroom, which are less affected.

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I believe the value and uniqueness of the barn door will make the home more stylish.

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In addition, the barn door also has a small area, and the hanging rail is less prone to failure. Compared with sliding doors, it still has many advantages.

4. What novel designs does the barn door have?

(1) The door panel can be made into a blackboard wall or a photo wall

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(2) The barn door TV is pretty cute

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(3) Used in the storage room, if you want to design the laundry room and storage room in the aisle or corner space, you can install a barn door.

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The storage room is generally chaotic. When you don't want to clean up, use the Canggu door to cover it.

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(4) Imagine that if the large floor-to-ceiling windows can move, another new scene will surely appear. Isn't it really windy?

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(5) "Invisible door" integrated with the background wall

The barn door can also be used as an invisible door, and its effect is also fashionable and practical.

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