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Learn the wooden door knowledge and materials will not be wrong!

Learn the wooden door knowledge and materials will not be wrong!


The choice of material for the purchase of the doors is a very important step, today we would tell some knowledge of wooden doors to you!

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The window is the eye of the room, and the door is the facade of our house. The wooden door is still our first choice for home improvement, so it is necessary to learn the buying skills. To see and touch the fullness of the paint film, this should be cultivated more, and you can learn the knowledge of wooden doors only after watching more times. There is still a difference between the fullness of the paint film, fullness means that the quality of the paint is good, the polymerization performance is relatively strong, and the sealing performance of the wood is better, which means that the process is relatively complete, and the exquisite process can Better protection of paint film effect;

Standing on the side of the door and looking at the effect of reflection, you can see the effect of the paint on the surface, whether the orange peel phenomenon is obvious, and whether there are small particles that are protruding can explain the quality of the paint. If the orange peel phenomenon is more obvious, it means that the baking process of the paint film can not meet the standard;

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Knowledge of fancy modeling wooden doors, the technical requirements of this modeling door are higher, depending on the location of the female corner, whether there is cracking phenomenon if the cracking later will become more and more serious.

The next step is paint. We must pay attention to the problem of paint. This is the key point to determine environmental protection. If the paint is not used well, it will be very bad and directly affect the health of the family. If at least one layer of the paint layer uses PE paint, it will greatly improve the performance. The advantages of PE paint (polyester paint) are that the paint film is hard, the transparency is good, the hiding power is strong, the texture of the wood grain is clearer, the disadvantage is that it is difficult to polish, the process is relatively difficult, and the cost is increased. Manufacturers will not be willing to adopt it.

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The overall style should be fixed, and the accessories are selected on this basis, which is also the key point that cannot be wrong. We should pay attention to this wooden door knowledge, and the determination of style is very important. The home decoration styles are more popular in European style, simple, pastoral, Mediterranean and so on. For different styles, our choices are also different. Our requirements for products are the main styles so that the style after matching will be slightly better, and there will not be too many unexpected deviations, which is also our pursuit in home improvement. Yes, be careful. The choice of light colors will make the overall feeling more romantic and fresh, which is what we are after.

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Wooden doors can be divided into main door, bedroom door, study door, living room door, kitchen door, bathroom door, balcony door, etc. according to their functions.

It is very important to choose different doors for different positions and match them with good functions. The purchase of wooden doors is very important. The knowledge of wooden doors introduced to you today is the skill of purchasing. I hope to 

provide some reference for friends who are renovating or are about to renovate.

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