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Wooden Door Industry will Have Bright Prosperity in 2010--General Manager of RCCZ

Wooden Door Industry will Have Bright Prosperity in 2010--General Manager of RCCZ


Reporter: Thank you for accepting our interview, Mr. Guan. For RCCZ's annual meeting, I found that every detail is perfect. So, I am wandering that an enterprise who can pay attention to every specific details must have good marketing share. Could you general introduce to us the developing situation of RCCZ in 2009?

Mr. Guan: Thank you! Actually, we just try our best mainly on doing three aspects in the past 2009: the first is to enhance the internal administration and the training of the staff so that to promote our organization dynamics and our staff's abilities. All the things you view on our meeting is the result for our this works; the second is that we launched the third generation terminal image to upgrade our channel; the third is about marketing--we strenghten our national unified management, standarding the shop front's decoration and for some special marketing plan, we increased our ads input. For 2008's gloomy, we didn't have any marketing measures but traning ourself. But in 2009, the markets' recovery was so fast that we can feel the crazy of the wooden door industry.

Reporter: What do you mean "crazy"?

Mr. Guan: Especially for the second half year, we could not finish our orders in time for our production ability came to saturation. So, you can see that we are planning to build our new factory now. When the new factory with more than 100 Mu area is finished, it will meet the expanding markets' need.

Reporter: As an excellent enterprise, RCCZ surely has a prospect for the future of this field. At last, Mr. Guan, would you please share with us your view on the whole wooden door market even the whole industry in 2010?

Mr. Guan: You can see that on our annual marketing every dealer is full of hope for 2010. The confidence of our dealer is our confidence. So, we are full of the hope for the following 2010. We believe that we will continue our growth of 2009.

Reporter: At last, thanks very much. Hoping RCCZ can gain huger achievement in 2010!

Mr. Guan: Thank you!

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