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One Door, One Story----Sohu's Interview on Mr.Guan Weijing, the Vice Manager of RCCZ

One Door, One Story----Sohu's Interview on Mr.Guan Weijing, the Vice Manager of RCCZ


Reporter: Thanks for your accepting of our interview. Could you introduce simply the products topic you exhibited on this exhibition?

Mr.Guan: In RCCZ, every product series has its own's theme. There is one story behind every wood door. For example, this wood door, which is just launched at now, is called "Royal Grand Style". It is used for many villas to give the houses the feel of swish. There is often a moving story behind the design of our every wood door. It is the design story that more useful to build and mold our brand and image.

Reporter: So, how the story can be created? As for its design, how's our designing group?

Mr.Guan: Our desining group has more than ten designers who are with the leading designing level in the same field.  Every wood door is connected with story, especially its name. The name is confirmed at the begining of its design according to the story. The design of a wood door is a very important aspect in the produce of a wooden door for door plays an imporant role during our daily life for it is the first thing that we can see when we come back home.

Reporter: I notice that our products are oriented for top consumers. Thus for the normal consumers, they also want to buy high quality products at competitive and practical price. Is there such products for them?

Mr. Guan: Yes, we have. We are arranging such product line at present. It is the next step to develop towards different levels.

Reporter: Refers to solid wooden door, there is another problem that the consumers focus--that is the environmental problem.

Mr.Guan: We pay heavy attention to value environmental protection and the efficient usage of wood. The wood is alive, too. So we inculcate ideas on this aspect to our staff so that to let them cherish the wood from raw materials. This is very effective for giving them awareness of environmental protection. For other aspects of environmental protection, we pay attention to the usage of glue and so on. Nowadays, people pay more attention to the health when they consume. Therefore, every product has a focus point to satisfy the safe, usage and culture demands of our consumers.  We are always dedicating to lead the wood door field to explore the consumers' need.

In fact, different consumers have different habits. How to produce products they like? We are never stop innovation. It is sure that there is one product you like. This is the future direction of extension and expansion of our wood door. That is to say that to bring RCCZ to more and more consumers.

At the same time, this is a process of discovering need and exploring value. This is the innovation of RCCZ's philosophy on product brand and design in order to meet the consumers' demands.

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