process of laminating wood

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2019-09-10
Laminated Wood is a cheap and practical way to recover, otherwise it will be considered a wood scrap.
Many layers of wood are bonded together and then cut into boards or sheets.
These boards or sheets are then used for a variety of purposes, including the manufacture of furniture, strong floors, and this wood is also often used for card lathes and vans.
Plywood is a common example of laminated wood, although it is not the only product made through a wood laminate process.
Laminated wood is made of many fine strips.
These bars are usually cast.
Separate or mix from various types of wood.
These strips are carefully polished so that the surface is smooth and then glued together under pressure so that a single cohesive board can be created from the wood mixture.
If plywood is made, then the grain of the strips is at right angles to each other, while for other laminated wood, the particles of different levels will be parallel to each other.
For plates whose structure must be more reasonable, add more layers to increase the thickness.
Laminated Wood has many advantages that traditional solid wood does not have.
For example, laminated wood is resistant to warping or distortion due to its manufacturing process.
Laminated wood can be made from hard wood or cork according to the customer\'s needs, or it can be made from different kinds of wood to mix and match their strength (
For example, the outer layer of Cork, with the strength of the outer layer of hardwood floors).
If the glue is exposed to moisture, insects, heat, or any of these combinations, laminated wood is also prone to rupture.
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