6 airlines that offer the ultimate first-class amenities

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2019-09-12
A few years ago, the airline updated their first class to give the pilot an experience that no one else had.
Introduction of double
The whole game has changed.
You can now take a shower in the air and even give yourself a \"suite\" or \"taxi \". Among the well-
Six of the world\'s leading airlines are the best in the game.
We have included the amenities offered by the double-deck a380 and other single-tier aircraftdecked planes.
Tihad has one of the most luxurious first class.
The company retains the entire upper layer of the A380 for use by senior flight personnel.
At Mei Airlines, a product called residence was launched.
The apartment has a living room, a separate double bedroom and a separate shower for a single or double occupancy.
Guests of the apartment also have access to a private butler.
Then the first apartment, a fully private suite with separate recliner and full set
The length of the bed, as well as a cold Mini
Bar, private vanity and wardrobe.
On about 89 aircraft, the company provides facilities such as wireless network
Mobile service and live TV.
Other amenities include a private chef, 23-
Inch film widescreen TV and in-
Massage in your seat.
The airline says their first class is a private suite.
Each suite comes with sliding doors and a private mini
Bar, adjustable ambient lighting as well as your own vanity, mirror, wardrobe and privacy partition.
If the pilot wants to stretch his body to sleep, the seat can be turned into a flat bed.
As part of the a380 first class experience, Emirates also has two shower spas.
There are also two lounges on the plane where passengers can socialize.
Five flyers can be ordered here
Star cuisine prepared by some of the world\'s top chefs, as well as fine wines.
Air France also launched a new first class on their Boeing 777-
300 aircraft known as La Premiere suite.
From fabric to mood-based lighting;
The suite is designed for a luxurious experience.
By touching the buttons and using thick curtains, the rest area can be turned into a private cabin.
The seat can be converted into a bed of more than 2 m.
Every guest has a 24-inch (61 cm)
HD touch screens for movies, games, music, TV series, etc.
Nearly 1,000 hours on demand will be available soon.
All of this can be enjoyed with Bose noise
Reduce headphones.
Guests can order world food-
Famous chefs such as Joel Robuchon, red tower Marcon, boys Martin and Michelle Rose.
You can taste it all on special cutlery made by famous French designer Jean-Marie Massaud.
Antas offers many amenities similar to Air France
Customizable seat with massage function, 17-wide-
Entertainment, mood lighting, designer in-inch screenFlight Suit (Pajamas and tops).
8 flyers are provided while dining
Featured dishes designed by celebrity chef Neil Perry, prepared on board.
For drinks, you can ask the sommelier for advice on wine and champagne, which is the best for your diet.
The company\'s a380 bed is slightly larger than the B747s.
Ike Etihad of Singapore Airlines also has a suite on the plane.
Each individual cabin has sliding doors and blinds to give the pilot the freedom to decide the level of privacy he or she likes. These cabins have separate beds
Not from the seat.
The armchair in the first class suite is designed by master Poltrona Frau, an Italian craftsman.
Singapore Airlines has an international team of chefs offering 60 dishes to choose from.
The food is served by the tableware designed by Givenchy.
Yes, you can order the best wine and champagne. For in-
Suite with 23-flight entertainment
Inch wide LCD screen.
However, these services are only available on A380 aircraft.
To make the journey an experience, the Atai Pacific has been very attentive to the details.
Carefully select colors, fabrics and textures to give the area an elegant feel.
The airline also installed manual
A carefully crafted work of sculpture.
These personal artworks, created by Maria Lobo and Linda Leverton, made of copper and steel, have been hand-etched and painted.
All food is made on order and passengers can choose from Cathay Pacific\'s award-winning wines.
For entertainment, the airline offers Bose quiet comfortable sound-proof headphones that you can use when watching your favorite movies.
The company did it. it\'s not in double.
With the a380 in the smaller Boeing 777-300ERs.
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