restoring cabinet veneer may take more than elbow grease

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2019-10-01
Q: There is a single board in my kitchen cabinet that rot in some places due to humidity.
How do I restore the Cabinet panel to the original surface?
Potomac A: If this is really A single board problem --
Among several professional cabinet refiners, there are people who suspect this and they look at the picture you sent --
It would be easier to buy a replacement door and drawer front instead of trying to replace the finish.
\"The veneer is really hard to remove,\" says Joe Henel of Fredericksburg Pro Refinish (703-853-9665; prorefinish. com).
\"You still need to polish and finish it if you wear a new veneer.
So it\'s better to change a new drawer or door and get it dirty.
\"Also, as Peter simonello, the owner of the cabinet repair company, said
Manchester in Va(443-292-5650;
Unlimited resumption. com )
It is pointed out that it will be more cost-effective to buy a new door --
Effective, get better products in the end.
\"If your cabinets do have wood finishes, then it\'s almost certainly not solid wood underneath them;
They are more likely to be a manufactured product, such as a medium-sized product.
Density cardboard.
But when you buy replacement parts, you can upgrade to solid wood and no longer have to worry about peeling off the veneer.
Your style is flat.
Almost all Cabinet companies produce panel rocking beds.
It\'s hard to tell from your photo, but if the surface is a veneer it seems to be cherry or mahogany
There are also common cabinet options.
So you should be able to find the replacement fairly easily.
What if it\'s not a single board problem?
You don\'t need to replace the parts.
Simonello says he\'s \"absolutely sure\" that your problem is water damage and you can be sure by crossing the surface with your fingers.
If there is a jagged edge where you feel the cherry color stops, it is the veneer.
Otherwise, Simon Neilo\'s intuition may be right.
He said that when the water is damaged, the color on the cabinet will fall off, \"Usually, all the colors are put into the finish, instead of stains that are wiped on the original wood and infiltrated into it.
\"Manufacturers may do this to create a specific look, or just to save money because it\'s faster to do so.
But since the colored finish is located on the surface, all colors fall off if the finish is damaged.
\"So what they see is the raw maple under the finished product, there is no color below.
\"Whether you need to replace the part or just patch it, your biggest challenge is to get the color that matches the other cabinets.
Since the colors can be slightly different, you might want to go to a company with a cabinet showroom with doors or drawers in front first to see if they have a rocking bed --
Style cabinet parts that closely match the color you need.
If so, you may want to do so even if it\'s not a perfect match.
Otherwise, you will need to customize-
Mix stains or ask for help from a company that has experience in renovating cabinets and is willing to do small work.
Some companies are only responsible for the entire kitchen.
Cabinet restoration company
Do accept small work, but Simonello warns that it is almost impossible to get the perfect color match if you work on a cabinet.
\"What we usually do is make all the cabinets, or at least that part, because it\'s hard to transform a cabinet and make it match,\" Simonello said . \".
For example, the staff may repair all the cabinets on one side of the kitchen.
But it will be expensive to redecorate many cabinets;
Simonello says the average price of his company
The kitchen work last year was $7,900.
If you are willing to accept the chance that the color may be slightly different, Simonello\'s company will customize-
Mix and apply the stain and apply it with a transparent, protective finish.
Renovating a door or applying a finish on a new door usually costs $125 to $175 per door, and $75 to $95 per drawer front, provided you put these things
For the extra cost, usually about $750, the company will go to your home to remove and reinstall the parts.
This will save you the hassle of adjusting the new door and aligning the front of the drawer.
If you want to take care of the job yourself and what you are willing to do is scrape off the existing veneer, you can buy the replacement veneer at the woodworking shop. Woodcraft (woodcraft. com)
There is a shop in Springfield that sells single boards-
In a three-square-foot package, six inches thick.
The price of cherries is $15.
The price of mahogany is $11.
The store also offers adhesives for veneer processing, as well as cherry and mahogany veneer with pressure
Sensitive back glue.
Q: We installed attractive concrete countertops in the kitchen 18 years ago.
I admit I didn\'t take good care of them because I didn\'t think there was a need for care at the kitchen counter.
Especially next to the sink, there are pits on the surface, which are not beautiful and hygienic.
I promise to do better.
But is there anyone or other way to patch them?
Washington a: Bill coolish, the boss of coolish design, says your countertop is A \"pressed\" concrete type
In Springfield (703-451-4859; kulishdesignco. com)
, Originally made concrete countertops, but now focus on training installers and conducting forensic investigations when problems arise at work.
Reverse the pressed concrete countertop into a mold with a hard concrete mixture.
When the table top is removed from the mold and flipped, a relatively large air gap appears on the surface.
They are then filled with a concrete slurry, which is usually different in color from the main mixture.
On your countertop, these gap fillers create a yellow accent.
Kulish does not repair the existing countertop and he does not know which area of the company will repair it.
However, Tim Sey, owner of the Virginia decorative concrete (434-851-3510;
Decorated concrete in Virginia. com)
He said his company did the job.
But not cheap.
Even if the counter space in the kitchen is relatively small, it usually costs $2,000 to renovate the counter, Seay said.
\"It\'s expensive because it\'s two-or three-
To deal with it, \"he said.
By turning the dust into mud with water, it is possible to re-surface the concrete without creating dust.
But splashing your kitchen with water and concrete mud can make a mess.
Therefore, unless there is a way to remove the countertop and repair it outside or in the store, the crew will need to use a dry grinder with a vacuum cleaner.
Even so, they will need to install plastic plates to limit the dust that the vacuum will not capture.
Your family may not be able to use the kitchen for a few days.
The crew will start using 50-
Very rough sand.
Once they grind the concrete to the bottom of the pit, they check it four more times with finer, finer abrasive to 400-grit. (
The larger the number of sand grains, the finer the sand grains. )
Sometimes the surface after grinding is smooth enough to be used to penetrate the sealing device and then it is OK.
But usually there are gaps in the concrete, which can be filled with cement, paint and liquid similar to white glue or epoxy resin.
The filling may take a day to solidify, then the crew can polish it a little and apply the sealer.
Some patching work is more complicated.
For example, if there is an epoxy coating on the countertop,
According to the picture you sent, Seay said you don\'t seem to have
His crew needs to take it off with chemicals, which will add a day\'s work.
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