Tips for Preventing wooden door deformation

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2020-01-11

In heating season wooden door is most prone to cracking because the indoor humidity is very low. The common main point is to choose a humidifier to put indoors, and others can also arrange a basin of water to arrange more plants such as green dill and Prosperous bamboo that are beneficial to indoor moisturizing. But also be careful, stop excessive humidification, just put the humidifier in a place with moderate ventilation and light, it is necessary to guard against directly arranging the humidifier on the indoor wooden door , and probably using the humidifier in the permanent robbery room. As usual, the humidity of the room connected with the humidifier during the heating period is 40%-The ratio between 60% is suitable.

many families with better heating, because the indoor temperature is too high, the air is ventilated in the city every day. Many people mistakenly think that the window is ventilated in winter, and the indoor temperature falls, the signs of wooden door gaps are naturally weakened. In fact, the higher the atmosphere temperature, the more water in the saturated state, which means that the humidity inside the house is higher than that outside in winter. The real reason for the cracks in the indoor wooden door comes from the humidity, not the temperature. At this time, opening the window and ventilation will only change the cold atmosphere on the surface and make the room more dry.

due to the dry climate, the wood is becoming more and more fragile. Coupled with the baking of heating, the moisture in the wood guess of Guangzhou wooden door manufacturers is greatly lost and the texture becomes loose, usually strong wooden doors are probably easily scratched when clean. Therefore, when cleaning, just don't use sharp clean things to touch the surface of the wood. Usually, it is necessary to carefully adjust the wooden door. Do not let the solid metal products or other sharp tools collide with the wooden door to protect the surface from hard damage.

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