how to restore a carved wooden door

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2019-08-11
Q: There is a beautiful carved wooden door in our house.
The same bamboo pattern is on both sides.
There are small cracks on the bottom of one side facing the outdoors, and color change due to rain.
How can we restore the door without affecting the engraving details?
Waterfall churcha: The exterior of the door should be able to be patched without surrounding clear engraving details, as long as the person doing the job avoids using a powerful sander and is careful to be gentle.
William Shotwell, owner of Sterling unlimited repair (703-904-9575;
Virginiafurniturefinishing. com)
, When he works in his shop, he will remove the door and cover the opening.
The process takes a week to 10 days, so it\'s better to fix it before it gets cold.
Shotwell will soften the existing finish using a chemical stripping device and then scrape off the sticky material with nylonbristle brush.
\"It\'s like brushing your teeth after two weeks of camping,\" he said . \".
He then rinses any remaining residue with 220 mineral spirits, scrub pads and sandor 320-grit sandpaper.
He described 320 of the wear as \"what you used to grind out the calluses on your feet --very gentle.
\"He advised the customer to look at the door after being fully prepared.
If the customer likes the look, he will use a clear finish.
Or, if the customer wants a darker color, he will use the stain first.
He will seal the edges with epoxy, including the bottom edges, and then spray three or four layers of marine varnish with UV inhibitors.
The cost is approximately $2,300 to $2,600, plus the cost of pickup and delivery is $300.
I have a piece of marble about 1 feet wide and an inch of marble I made about 40 years ago to accommodate the old toilet I found at the flea market.
There is a diagonal edge on the top of the marble, which is put down to fit into the lid as the top.
The marble is broken.
Can you stick the pieces together?
If not, where can I find someone to make new work for me?
I took the toilet to the local kitchen.
Counter, but it says the best thing to do is to make me a piece of fake marble that fits.
Dr. Westminster Medical
Bonding marble is possible, but you \'d better buy a new one, especially if the stone is broken into a few pieces.
Although there are some countertops
Manufacturing companies are reluctant to deal with marble, and many others are happy to sell the remnants and process them into small pieces.
The store calculates the cost in a different way, so you may want to make a template from the item you have and then get an estimate from several companies.
Be sure to clarify the Square-
The price of the foot is based on the rest of your choice, or just on the final size you want.
The choice of residues varies from store to store.
Diagonal marble and granite in Westminster (410-386-0161; bevelededge. net)
Theresa Lili says the residue charges $35 per square foot, extra charge for round and edge handling, which means the total price could reach $150 to $200, where there is a stone specialist
M. R stone in Mount Erie (301-607-9988;
Mr. stonemalland. com)
Susan Reigner, the company\'s customer service manager, said that the cost of materials and plastic surgery is about $35 to $40, with a minimum charge of $75.
Made on top of rocks at owenmills (410-363-4267;
Rock production. com)
The residue is charged $60 per square foot and the price includes making it to your specifications.
If you decide to try to glue the existing parts, please note that some adhesives marked as suitable for use with marble are not really designed for the edgesto-edge bonding.
For example, the PL530 mirror, marble and granite adhesive for Loctite works well for laminated marble flakes, but may not be strong enough to bond the pieces together, A person handling technical consultation for the company said.
However, if you are shopping in companies catering to the stone industry, you will find adhesives marked with suitable edgesto-edge bonding.
One of them is the touchstone glacier made by Bonstone (800-425-2214; bonstone. com).
Rob Elliott, the company\'s technical sales representative, recommends both
Part epoxy, not some of the other marble adhesives of the company, because over time it becomes dry and transparent and does not turn yellow.
The adhesive can be obtained directly from Bonstone
$13 an ounce starter kit with each of the two parts.
This may be enough adhesive for your project, says Elliott.
To ensure good results, he made some suggestions: first wipe the stone surface with transgender alcohol to make sure there is no residue of grease.
Cover the top surface of the stone near the crack with the painter\'s tape, so that you can squeeze the excess adhesive out of the seam and cut it off with a blade after starting to set. And —
The most important
Test the clamping system before mixing and applying epoxy.
The circle is difficult to hold;
Consider investing in a belt clip, such as a variable angle belt clip for Bessie ($30 on amazon. com).
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