right-royal-move! live like a king in this stunning nine-bed castle designed by famed english architect sir john soane (if you\'ve £2.5m in the coffers)

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2019-09-19
Although the royal family is inherited and not bought, you can still live in a house suitable for the King.
Bedroom castle, which you can use to enjoy the cool 2. 5million.
Stunning images showing magnificent second-class listed buildings, located at 14-
Acre manor in Eden Castle, Durham County.
Modern kitchen, comfortable bedroom with four bedrooms
Poster bed, grand reception hall and restaurant.
The castle was designed by the 18th-century British architect Sir John Thorne, who was commissioned by the Berden family.
The list shows: \"The accommodation of this very special property is accessible through a private courtyard, leading to the amazing\" Palm House \"orangery with double doors leading to the spacious lobby, there is a magnificent surround.
The main reception room is close to the paladian-style reception hall, including the elegant living room and living room
The formal dining room, fully equipped dining kitchen, and utility room/playroom are connected by double doors.
Steps down to an arched wine cellar complex that includes wine cellars and bins, potential leisure areas/playrooms, storage rooms and workshops.
There are four bedrooms and four bathrooms on the first floor.
The impressive stove dome is bathed in natural light on the first and second floors.
There are five bedrooms and three bathrooms on the second floor, all en-suite.
The castle consists of an elegant fireplace, cornfields, luxurious platforms with pillars, long window frames and mahogany wooden doors.
In addition to the landscaped garden, the hotel also offers beautiful views of the park and the woodland border.
All in all, this is a very brilliant home for the most discerning buyers.
The property also benefits from oil central heating and is currently undergoing further large-scale renovations to enhance the existing magnificent buildings.
Great Georgia III
The high-storey country house is mainly located in front of the annex courtyard building, which has recently been transformed into many separate complementary houses with different architectural styles.
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