The original wooden door is moisture-proof

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2019-12-26
Although the original wooden door has strictly controlled the drying degree of water content in the process of wood processing, and has different standards according to different regions, however, in the daily life of the home, it also avoids the attack of a lot of wet weather. Especially in the southern region, when the wet weather arrives, the whole home will 'shed tears', causing a lot of furniture to appear moldy. First, the pepper in addition to the wet application space: the living room moisture-proof practice: one is to place the chili dry, can absorb a certain amount of water, but must always replace the new Chili Dry. The other is to place reliable quality firecrackers, because there is sulfur in the firecrackers, which can not only dehumidify but also eliminate insects, but it is dangerous for the home. It is recommended not to try subtlety. Warm Tip: Although 'earthwork' has a good effect, there are safety problems in the artillery battle, and citizens should be more careful when using it. In addition, a stove can be burned in the room to raise the indoor temperature so that water vapor cannot condense, thus reducing the indoor humidity. Second, the newspaper anti-mildew method applicable space: bedroom moisture-proof practice: long-term open the door of the wardrobe, can be ventilated and mildewproof, but more dust. For example, put a newspaper on the bottom of the wardrobe, or even put a newspaper on the inside of the cabinet door. The newspaper can absorb moisture and achieve anti-mildew effect, and the ink taste of the newspaper can also Deworm. Tips: newspapers should avoid direct contact with clothes to prevent ink. Third, the lime moisture absorption method applicable space: kitchen, bedroom moisture-proof practice: of quicklime can absorb about 0 in the air. 3 kilograms of water. Put the lime in the wooden box and cover it when the weather is not damp; When the weather is humid, open the cover and do not open the large window to keep the indoor air dry and pleasant. Tips: For the average family, buy lime 5 ~, In a wooden box or carton, put it under the closet or in the corner, but be careful not to let the children at home take it. Fourth, the salt mopping method applicable space: kitchen, bathroom kitchen. Moisture-proof practice: Salt bar is also a good dehumidifier. Although it is not as powerful as industrial salt snow melting and deicing, salt is more than enough to deal with the moisture in the home. Tips: use hot water and salt to check the wooden door. This method can accelerate the volatilization of water, but it must be cleaned to clean the remaining water on the door.
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