How to choose sound insulation effect good wooden door?

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2020-07-27

wooden door should is most consumers favorite door type, wooden door with simple and elegant lines, based on the natural environment, fit the household life of modern philosophy, so decorate in household market, wooden door has always been popular, especially the marriage room in decorating. There should be a lot of people in the wooden door of choose and buy when the first concern is the door style and style, tend to be the style of the choose to your satisfaction. Actually choosing wooden door sound insulation effect is more important, it is the foundation of guarantee safety and privacy. Wood door manufacturer to share how to sound insulation effect of good wood door?

wood door can be effective sound insulation, the first is to look at the material of wooden door. In general, solid wooden door, for example, the greater the density of the solid wood door material sound insulation effect is better. And relative to the flat hollow door, solid wood door sound insulation effect is less, and its sound insulation effect is decided by the door padding.

moulded soundproof door internal padding generally adopts honeycomb paper base, it can form a closed air layer to have very good sound insulation effect. Adherence of padding in the market now is improved, from previous density board to little tunnel mechanics board, has a more stable institutions and good cutting performance, the wooden door on the compressive strength and the sealing is more advantage, can sound insulation as well as to ensure the performance of the door.

different door plank structure of wooden door, the sound insulation effect is different. General T the door of the structure is much better than the traditional sound insulation effect at the entrance of the flat, T door to door and door frame formed between double square juncture, more closely on the bite, can stop the voice through the seam. And also can strengthen the effect of sound insulation door strip.

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