How to prevent the installation of formaldehyde wood door?

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2020-07-21

belongs to wood, wooden door when decorating, do not pay attention to the cleaning and prevention of formaldehyde, a lot easier to harm your family's physical and mental health, the wooden door manufacturer to share how to prevent the installation of formaldehyde wood door?

( 1) Wooden door the formaldehyde release a quantity to mainly comes from materials decorative veneer, density board and particieboard and adhesive. The current problem is mainly some composite materials products, such as density board surface decorative veneer composite door. In addition, some of the paint wooden door will also appear benzene and volatile organic compounds pollution problem.

( 2) Many a family to decorate now at least choose the bedroom door, sitting room door, door, kitchen and toilet lights, 3 - More than five wooden door, the surface area can be in more than 20 square meters, equivalent to a room on the ground floor area.

( 3) When consumer is choosing wooden door, most will pay attention to outward appearance quality, but ignore the harmful material of wooden door control problem. The green environmental protection problem of wooden door has no unified national standard to choose from.

( 4) Some wood workshop production enterprise, lack the necessary drying equipment and testing equipment, the enterprise producers quality consciousness is weak, raw material stock control is lax, thus caused the quality problem of wooden door.

at the same time, because indoor all sorts of wood utilization rate is very high, if internal quality problems, on the one hand may pollute indoor environment; On the other hand, it will cause the quality problem of wooden door, especially because wooden door core material quality is bad, extensive use of high content of formaldehyde adhesive and the heartwood of high moisture content, there will be a deformation problem, can you appear after using the door will not shut, open and close to a big effort. Gap increases or the door and frame, door doesn't close tightly closed lax, sealing effect. Even wood surface film adhesion, easy to fall off, paint film change color, etc.

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