revamped dun laoghaire semi has huge appeal for young families

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2019-09-18
\"Color is a force that directly affects the soul,\" says artist kondingski . \"
Although it was back in 1911, he could have sent a message to modern interior designers and homeowners.
The era of magnolia walls and beige curtains has been around for a while, replacing them with gray, mushrooms and a variety of blurry shades --
Not good for keeping the soul.
The owner of B Woodley Road at Dun Laucher has used a subtle but bright color method to show how you don\'t have to cross the top to brighten your home with a primary
The walls of the lobby and kitchen downstairs are painted with the gray old horse of colorurtrend, while the Hardwick White of Farrow & Ball is used to give a soft glow in the living room and dining room.
The choice of these colors makes them bolder in terms of furniture, such as the pink chair in Sandycove Buckley\'s living room, which is cleaned up and re-createdupholstered;
Or the stylish high stool in the kitchen of the artits, adding color to the room.
50 blue and mustards cushions and throws bring vitality to the living space and help bring a little fun and warmth to the standard Dublin semi-Hoteld.
For a variety of reasons, the House will have a huge appeal to young families.
The open layout downstairs is perfect for kids running around under surveillance.
The garden is completely enclosed and large enough to accommodate trampoline, slides, swings and doorposts, if that is the wish of a young man.
The attic has been remodeled and will be the ideal space for the au pair.
Finally, the local school is on the wall at the back.
As the property was completely renovated in 2009, there was little to be done by the new owners.
This comprehensive renovation includes expansion, loft renovation and installation of three floors.
Glass windows, re-wiring and re-installation.
The tile entrance hall takes you into the center of the house.
On the right is the dining room with wooden floors and double-sided windows.
The kitchen is equipped with white units and granite countertops, and the kitchen is open.
There is a breakfast bar with two seats in comfort and a door to the side access.
The other side of the kitchen is used as a family room with two doors to the back garden.
The living room in front of the house has doors to the kitchen area, but can be closed if you want a room away from all this.
There\'s a wood-
In this room, there is a stove and ceiling surrounded by marble.
There is also a guest wc on this level.
There are four bedrooms upstairs.
The owner also has a wardrobe and a separate shower.
There are also two double rooms and a single room.
The main bathroom has a bathtub and a power shower.
The loft conversion can be used for many purposes, such as the au pair bedroom mentioned earlier, or the Home Office, playroom, or even the teen playroom.
Gas in the House
Solar panels and central heating are also provided.
This helps it implement B3 BER.
Energy Rating Guide for homeowners building estimates, 4-
The annual operating cost of half-bed space and hot water for this class should be around € 1,400.
Although the official address of this 1,862-square-foot house is Dun Laoghaire, it is about 10-
It is only a few minutes drive from the port.
On the other hand, it is only five minutes away from the hotel, or 20 minutes away. minute walk.
Cabinteely is not a bad village at your doorstep.
In recent years, independent enterprises have started to operate, injecting new vitality into the once sleepy town.
For locals, restaurants can be selected within walking distance, and Cabinteely can now compete with suburbs like Ranelagh and Rathgar.
Pielow\'s is a popular restaurant in the country Center, which Colin and Teresa Pielow opened when they returned to Ireland from Tulbagh Valley in South Africa.
The real benefit of this restaurant is not only delicious food, but also the opportunity to taste some pielows own wines from the vineyards of Cape wine country.
Lucinda sullivan spoke highly of them in her little black book.
\"They are what I call real foodies,\" O\'Sullivan said . \".
\"They have talked about it, but they have also gone the way, and before moving to Cobh, they initially had a restaurant and a wine shop in Enniskerry and later went to South Africa, where, they also have a vineyard that produces delicious wine.
\"Eating is also a great option in this part of Dublin Co.
The famous kaverston food mall is only 10 minutes away from Woodley Road and is a sacred place for all food lovers.
Caviston, originally known for seafood, now stores cream Taleggio from donigor to Bergamo, Italy, everything you can dream.
The nearest bus stop to the house is about 300 metres away and there are also good options for passing bus routes.
The school behind the house is our good lawyer lady boys National School and girls national school.
The only problem with being so intimate is that children will never have a reason to be late in the morning.
Sold through agent Sherry FitzGerald, 7 Woodley Road, Old Gale city, duntown, with a guided price of 675,000 euros (01)2844422.
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