High quality solid wood composite door needs to see what conditions?

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2020-08-24

the people more and more high to the requirement of door, many people choose the fashionable and beautiful solid wood composite door, wood door manufacturer to give us the high quality solid wood composite door today need to look at those conditions?

1, see the fill in the core of wooden door: identify quality wooden door, the first is knocking and weighing. Knocking at the door listening to the sound of the door, solid wood composite door is fill in the core, and the standard is over 80%. Knocking at the door of the surface with the hand, if a little ringing voice instructions with the core, basically is to make the keel. If it sounds boring, thick, shows with the core requirements. It is best to knock the door of a few parts to the phone.

2, observe the wooden door sealing strip: wooden door sealing strip is directly related to the density of wood. Sealing strip is contact part of the 'hidden' in the door and door leaf, feels softer. Regular wooden door enterprises will add sealing strip, so that we can not react with paint, to ensure the contact with the surface smoothness, and avoids the wooden door closed after there is a crack problem. And it also shock absorption, sound attenuation, sealing, sound insulation, moistureproof, etc.

3, see the appearance of wooden door: appearance includes two aspects: the paint and the smoothness of wooden door. First MoMen with the hand, feel smooth feel that paint process to do better; The door panel is smooth level off, is there a bumpy, smooth and good work. The surface of the door from the side, can't see the water ripples door be smooth.

exquisite switch a door handle, look at the sample switch a few times more, try the open close the door handle. When a good door switch feels very smooth, fluent, feeling let nature take its course.

4, manufacture craft and accessories: currently on the market of high-end real wood processing cycle in twenty to thirty days. Relative to board type furniture, the technology of the door is more sophisticated, drying of need course lumber, rough machining, polishing, sealing side, such as more than 30 working procedure, the flat can assure door leaf and the paint that slip like the silk like lens face texture. So you don't blame the businessman why so slowly! Can say, long time limit does not necessarily all is good, but short time absolute door is not good! Environmental protection or not mainly depends on glue and paint, so before you buy can ask the glue and paint brand, when necessary, also can have a look at their brand of the paint on the certificate. Good wood door just install there may be a little smell of paint, but the taste is not in a day or two. That is factory packaging with wooden door in floating paint smell, not the door itself out.

5, look at the pass of wooden door materials: this can only be seen when installing. Before buying door must determine and businesses, but the best written into the contract! Pass is made up of the cover plate and the mouth line. To install, see the side of the cover plate and slot, is a solid wood composite or density board. Solid wood composite is real wood is among, both sides is density board, most of the lateral is solid wood, this can be seen.

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