how to make a mediterranean treasure

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2019-08-14
Looking for the coolest place in Barcelona, Spain?
Try it behind the refrigerator door.
El Paradiso is a secret little Bar hidden behind wooden doors behind Pastrami Bar deli, El Born neighborhood, the capital of Catalunya.
It was led by the award.
World\'s best bartender in Spain, Giacomo Giannotti
The 2014 annual bartender serves the best cocktails in the country.
Cocktails in the box: Barcelona\'s hidden wealth when CNN is in town watching the Barcelona tour series \"within 24 hours --born London-
Trained Giannotti showed us how to make his Mediterranean Treasure cocktail (
El Tresor, Mediterranean). It\'s a sour-
Inspired by his hometown of Barcelona, delicious cocktails.
Taste of land-
Citrus freshness of Elder Muhua, honey, coriander-
Balance with the oyster leaves and the crisp and clean water soup of fino sherry.
For extra sea tricks, El Paradiso serves it in the shells in the treasure chest.
Mediterranean cuisine :-50 ml vodka-
20 ml fino sherry infused with oyster leaves-
5 ml milliliters of liqueur-17.
5 ml fresh lemon juice
12 ml Mediterranean honeyCoriander leaf-
A little bit of protein. Shake with ice.
At the same time of the blow, strain and serve in the Shell
Grilled Mediterranean herbs
4 Paradise Hotel Barcelona Carrera Palau;
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