How to recognize the oak door?

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2020-07-24

oak door density, material qualitative hard, has a more distinctive grain shape, the price is more expensive, there are a lot of 'dirty' businessman, in the market today, how to recognize the oak wood door manufacturer to you talk about the door?

1, basically, oak furniture quality tree species is less, if imported, the price is higher.

2, attention should be paid to see mu wen is clear and beautiful. Since it has more distinct grain shape, so the higher the oak wood grain the clearer. But not for rubber wood oak wood grain.

3, paying special attention to whether the wooden fine clean, if consumers to buy the dark oak furniture, want to take a closer look at any part of the painting, the presence of oak fine clean feeling.

4, as well as whether color is pure. Oak furniture had better choose grey model, and rubber wood lubricious pure, not even a spot, black spots.

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