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by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2019-09-18
UK drug House Limited, London, N.
I have released a copy called \"B. D. H.
For injection of external drugs \".
It contains a list of drugs that are usually given by injection, a brief description of their use and recommended dose range, as well as the packaging and cost available.
It is alleged that the preparation of the solution was carried out in a specially designed room equipped with double doors and supplying filtered air at a slightly higher pressure than the atmosphere.
The anpou and bottles used are made of standard alkali
Free amber glass, filled with approved method and disinfected, the process actually used is a process that has no harmful effect on drugs.
If using a container designed to allow continuous administration on different occasions, a small amount of preservatives is added to the solution.
\"Glucose solution\" B. D. H.
A simple and rapid method for the determination of sugar in urine is provided. 2 c. c.
Part of the solution is tested with a small amount of glucose powder to boil in the test tube to prevent collisions, and urine is added one drop from the transfer tube.
Continue to add urine until the blue color of the liquid completely disappears and there is no green mark in white or yellow.
The amount of glucose in urine is inversely proportional to the amount of drops and is determined directly from the table provided with the solution.
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