donald trump loses another key staff member as interior minister steps down

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2019-09-30
President Trump has announced that Interior Minister Ryan Jinke will leave his government by the end of this year.
Mr Zinke is currently facing an investigation into his travel, political activities and other potential conflicts of interest.
Trump revealed the news on Twitter, saying Zinke will leave after \"serving for nearly two years.
He added: \"Ryan has achieved a lot during his tenure and I would like to thank him for his contribution to our country.
Former Republican Congressman zinke from Montana will leave two weeks before Democrats control the House, winning control of the house in the medium termterm elections.
The resulting transfer of power means that investigations into the actions of the interior minister can be strengthened.
After the handover of the Inspector General of the Interior Ministry, the Ministry of Justice is investigating Zinke\'s alleged use of his office for personal gain.
The politician faces scrutiny on expensive trips involving US Park Police helicopters and private jets.
He was also criticized for expensive alterations in his department, including reports that three double doors in his office were being upgraded for nearly $139,000 (£110,000).
The businessman later said he had reduced the price to $75,000.
Zinke played a leading role in the president\'s efforts to reduce environmental regulations and promote domestic energy development.
His departure happened during the staff shake.
When Trump entered his third-year term.
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