history for sale: museum turns to kijiji to purge collection

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2019-09-24
Of course, you \'ve searched Kijiji for used skates, weird furniture, and even camper.
But what about 1? 5-
Was it the rice wheel that used to sit at the old train station in Ottawa, or was it the huge woodenwald?
They can all be found on popular websites sold at the Canadian Museum of Science and Technology.
Gordon Perro, director of conservation and collection services at the museum, said these unusual lists are part of the museum\'s efforts to update its collection, most of which are about to move into the new storage facility next door.
Art must first be provided to other museums and facilities before it can be sold.
Perraulsaid said that the work on Kijiji, although interesting, is not considered historic.
\"Regarding our collection rationalizing process, we have strict instructions and policies and we will look at our collection and try to provide the best collection for Canadians.
Still, Perrault understands people\'s emotional attachment to the item.
\"Some people may recognize these things.
This may be the memory of childhood.
They said, \'I remember these benches. \'
\"They are huge.
Then when I grew up, I saw them in the museum, which made a deep impression.
\"The price can be negotiated without delivery. There are other smaller items for sale, including old-fashioned snowshoes, hockey sticks, printing presses and old record collections.
The museum actually began unloading unwanted items in the 1990 s. \"[We need to]
Throw away works that do not belong to the collection, work that is not important, work that is not important, so when we transfer the collection to our new facility, we can minimize our footprint, \"said Perrault.
The storage facility is expected to be completed by 2019.
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