How to choose and buy solid wood composite door of the lacquer that bake?

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2020-08-31

1, through the appearance of the simple test method to assess product process quality. With the hand touch the door frame, panels, round the corner, for no scratches, soft and fine.

2, good colour collocation is to consider the color of the solid wood composite painting door and collocation of the bedroom, we can make the bedroom environment color image and the contrast, can be divided into three color: one, on the soft adornment of metope, ground and furniture, to hold basic consistent, solid wood composite painting door color harmony with a bedroom, similar to the colour of the furniture, floor, and contrast with metope color, it is helpful to build the atmosphere that gives a dimensional administrative levels.

3, observation door lacquer face whether level off, don't have a bump wave, basically depend on this two times can know whether work is qualified.

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