bargains replace billionaires on st. barts

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2019-09-12
In the peak season of St.
Barts are becoming thinner. Mega-
The yacht is home and the price is falling.
Caribbean islands are enjoying a brief pause with endless crowds and notorious skies --
The expensive price makes it a winter Lighthouse for the resort.
On the day of the Holy
Barts bargain has finally arrived, and even hot spots on the island are no exceptionseason deals.
How to get there: you don\'t need to take a private jet to get to St. Barts.
JetBlue Airlines (JBLU)
Daily non
From Kennedy airport to St.
Maarten for mid as low as $97-
A week\'s trip during the parade.
There are no shrimp cocktails and no caviar, but there are mini cocktails.
Champagne and satellite TV. From St.
Marten, you take 15-
A minute flight through Winair to StBarts. (JBLU)
Where to stay: guannahani Hotel & Spa is one of the real Darling hotels on the island. The 16-
At the top of the great dead peninsula, acre resort is beautifully white on both sides --
Beach views of the Atlantic Ocean and Marigot Bay.
Hotel will accept from April 15S.
The US dollar for the summer package is usually denominated in euros, as part of the promotion, reducing the cost of accommodation by 25% based on the current exchange rate.
The Guanahani hotel consists of interconnected cabins dotted with bright green and indigo. The bungalow-
There are 68 guest rooms and suites in the style building. you can enjoy the sea view.
The glass door of the room leads to the teak terrace with tables and chairs.
Bathroom with bathtub, double
Washbasin and toiletries for luxury cosmetics brands Clarins and Frederic Fekkai.
If guests stay for six nights in the winter, the resort offers them a free car rental. St.
Bar during the day: Open Air
Nikki Beach Sky Lounge attracts pop stars and actors like Maria Carey and Daniel Craig, sipping Dom Perignon while relaxing on the beach chairs.
Some people think that the hot spot on St.
Let the Beach-the-
Its upper body sunbathing, bronzed model and cheesy on top of the yacht-
Billionaire job hopping
The Nikki Beach Hotel offers an indoor restaurant, but the main features of the restaurant are the Beach recliner and teak cottage.
The party starts at 11. m.
At dusk, when everyone runs into the free Nikki shuttle, they return to town.
Where to eat: Eden Rock Hotel is located from St. Jean Beach.
Overlooking a secluded bay, the resort features two of the island\'s most famous restaurants, rock and beach bars and legendary views.
The sand bar is casual-
A lively bar that attracts après-
Beach crowd starting at 4m.
Later, later.
Single at night, stay until 1 in the morning. m.
On the Rocks, sitting on the rough sea, the delicate menu of seafood appetizers, barbecue and homemade desserts is more formal.
Where mix: Holy
Barts came to life in the evening, although the club scene softened at the end of the season.
Start your night at Le Ti, one-
Bordello furnished room bar
Red walls and photo style, red wine and green lights from past nights. The after-
Dinner starts around 8 in the evening. m.
Many people come here to enjoy classic rock and pop music on the local island. Around 11 p. m.
Head to Le Yacht Club, a paradise of glass walls full of white notes
Covered chairs and oversized sofas.
By midnight it became
There are disco lights in the nightclub outside, as well as stage dances for models and movie stars who are trying to get together like image 2006.
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