Buy the myth of wooden door have?

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2020-03-07
< p > < / p > < p > < p > contemporary wood door was deeply loved by consumers and attention, a lot of families are in use, the wood door manufacturer to tell you what to buy the myth of wooden door have? < / p > < p > 1。 Think real wood door is the preferred < / p > < p > the Chinese for solid wood products tend to be in love, but has neglected the natural attribute of lumber. The stability of the real wood door is not strong, are more likely than other kinds of door to door deformation, tenon it fission and the phenomenon such as surface cracking. Environmental protection performance is good, in fact, the performance of solid wood composite door is no worse than the real wood door, and even the stability will be better than the real wood door. < / p > < p > 2。 Selected trees by weight < / p > < p > single unable to determine the product from the weight within. Sometimes than the weight of the particle board of real wood plank, although the use of raw materials to make particle board is broken wood broken material, but a lot of adhesive in the process of production, adhesive curing after quite a part of the proportion of the plate, its weight is not light. In addition, because the door leaf size, thickness and packing different door core, also is the cause of wooden door weight different. Therefore, than the weight is not the most reasonable judgment. < / p > < p > 3。 Low price is king < / p > < p > 10 wooden door brand said, wooden door is different with other goods, consumers can only see the surface of the door, their inner quality is impossible to judge. Even experts, just by looking at them, sometimes it is very difficult to judge, the wooden door inner appearance suggested consumers not only figure on the cheap price, and ignore the quality of products. Door of environmental performance is critical, the consumer rather than buy cheap solid wood composite door, might as well choose your wenqi door, such environmental performance more secure. < / p > < p > 4。 Through the door leave hole judgment door core material < / p > < p > part of the 'smart' consumer observed, the door lock is the installation of wooden door, so a lot of people like, why not through the door leave hole to characterize the core material for wood door? , however, the manufacture process of wooden door on the market at present, in order to make the lock more solid after installation, all can enhance the strength of the door lock hole areas, mostly adopts lined with the practice of integrated timber, as a result, through the door leave hole site investigation wooden door core material is not very realistic. < / p > < p > 5。 Focus on the door leaf, don't care about the door < / p > < p > wood door manufacturers, consumer is in when choosing wooden door, often only focus on the quality of the door leaf, however, wooden door after-sales problems actually have a lot of is from the door. There are solid wood laminated door cover, density board door and real wood door cover three. Density board door sets of waterproof performance and the power that grasp a hammer is more bad, easy to cause the wooden door sink a blow to wait for a phenomenon, Real wood door cover for tooth inoculation more commonly, splitting phenomenon of twist screws easy to form at first. The best choice of the solid wood composite door is the standard of solid wood laminated door cover, it can ensure the service life of wooden door. < / p > < p > 6。 Never allow color < / p > < p > merchants received customer complaints, part focused on the color difference issue, but the color difference problem cannot be completely avoided. Wenqi door of the same design and color, for example, may be because of the wrapping material production batch is different, color is not the same, likely consumers in stores saw a slightly different color and put in a home. The coated surface paint wood door, solid wood veneer from different parts, different age of wood, cutting out the pattern color is not the same. Is also a black walnut, some may send dark color, there may be shallow, all of this is caused by the natural attribute of lumber. Paint, the number of different, and each time the paint colour is different, can cause color slight deviation, so consumers cannot excessive pursuit of wooden door without off color. < / p > < p > 7。 Wooden door cracks which requires return < / p > < p > in terms of protecting the environment, saving resources, advice or give priority to in order to maintenance problems of wooden door products. Paint doors appear tiny cracks belong to normal phenomenon. Wood drying shrinkage is wet bilge characteristics, this is the natural wood defect, through the ages are hard to overcome this problem, now technology can only do try to reduce the generation of cracks, but impossible to eradicate. < / p > < / p >
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