How to check after door leaf fixed?

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2020-06-16

door leaf fixed is very important for installation of wooden door, wooden door below manufacturers to share how to inspect after door leaf fixed?

1。 We now call logs, refers to the wooden door at the bottom of this, it plays a protective functions. It can avoid the wood paint was rubbed off, in the process of handling placed doors when loading off.

2。 Pay attention to monitoring the depth of the slot, the depth should be consistent with the thickness of the single chip hinge. After installed the door, on both sides of the hinge is as flat as the edge of the door and door cover. In addition also note that the screw cannot tilt, if screw tilt, or close the door after the hinge between mutual extruding problem, which affect the service life of the hinge.

3。 Hinges on both sides of the specification, the door can be directly with screws on the side of, and fully in place. And on the side of the door, can be on the first two screws, as for the rest of the two can arrive later on, in order to avoid hinge position has a little deviation, is convenient to adjust.

4。 After installation hinge, door leaf to hold, should pay attention to check on the door leaf and frame, side frame, the gaps between the situation on the ground, the gap is too big or too small, have to adjust the hinges again.

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