How to maintain solid wood composite door of the lacquer that bake?

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2020-09-01

indoor door every family all have, but will maintain not, today teach you five methods to maintain indoor solid wood composite door of the lacquer that bake.

1。 Indoor door are afraid of water, if it is really been blisters, generally very troublesome, but the answer to the question of the moistureproof finished current interior door industry are doing well, he also made a more in-depth, such as klaas facade are done moistureproof layer, this will reduce indoor door in a waterproof problems, must pay attention to the kitchen toilet, don't water, especially at the bottom of the door.

2。 The central heating in the winter, indoor not too dry, the humidity in the air to remain at around 40%, on the floor, on indoor door, even for home is the best state. Maintain good indoor ventilation to make indoor door under normal room temperature and humidity, prevent wooden product for wet, excessive temperature difference and deformation, corrosion rust metal parts appear, sealing side, facing material loss. When using electric heater or other heating during the winter, to stay away from the wooden products, lest make, its thermal deformation.

3。 Indoor door paint afraid of knock against, so should pay attention to the impact protection.

4。 Cleaning, cannot use organic solvent to scrub, lacquer layer on the surface of the organic solvent can destroy. Painting the walls, to cover the interior door, in order to avoid coating on product surface, make facing material, fade, affect the whole beautiful. Interior doors are solid wood skin, very afraid of fire.

5。 Hinges, locks are active parts, loose occurs, should immediately tightened, hinge position noise should be filling in time, when opening the lock is not flexible and can be added into the keyhole right amount at the end of the pencil lead, not just oil.

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