How to check the sound insulation of wooden door?

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2020-07-26

sound insulation is also gradually people measure the main points of quality of a wooden door, wooden door manufacturer today for everyone to say how to check the insulation condition of wooden door?

1, the weight, sound insulation of the formula and the material is directly related to the density, so the density of sound insulation are relatively good, moulded relatively light, that is the root of moulded door sound insulation is not good.

2, see wooden door cover plate thickness, the thicker the layer board sound insulation effect is better. The surface of wooden door plate using 8 mm thick, it is one of the few in the wood door industry. Layer thickness and roughness is the better, but the cost will be increased.

3, watching the roughness of wooden door, wooden door is flat, with the combination of the door, the better, but whatever structure. As long as the deformation of the wooden door sound insulation must not, air leakage.

there is a slightly a little bit professional, door cover with the expansion of the wall between the quality of the glue, this bad word will seriously affect the sound insulation.

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