how to install hardwood floors: prepping the base and cutting solid wood floors

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2019-10-03
Hardwood floors add elegance to the home where carpet or other flooring materials are unmatched.
When deciding on the type of hardwood flooring, before you go out and buy something that won\'t work at home, you need to consider some important considerations and terms.
You need to know all the available hardwood floor types before you start, so be sure to do a good homework.
Once you have decided what is best for your home, the installation process can be done by experienced DIYer, especially if you choose the engineering tongue and groove that are combined, or floating floors that do not require glue or adhesive.
Type of BasesCrawl space if you have crawling space in your home and plan to lay hardwood floors, the gap between the ground and the floor should be at least 18 inch and the proper vents should be installed in the concrete block, let the crawling space breathe.
It is essential to prepare the crawling space.
The whole exposed ground should cover polyethylene 6-
Make sure you overlap each sheet and tape it together.
Ensure that the ground covering the side of the concrete foundation block extends at least 6 inch.
Concrete slab hardwood floors can be installed on concrete boards that have been dried and cured for at least 2 months.
However, make sure there is no low point in the concrete and fill it with concrete self-fillingleveling fluid.
The flat panel is clean and it is important to have a professional finish.
The concrete floor should be at least 3 inch above the ground.
If you have any concerns about humidity, it might be a good idea to have a professional do moisture testing on your concrete.
Wood floor if you install new floor on plywood wood floor, it is important that the surface is clean and there is no low point.
Place a 6 feet long 2x4 in different positions around the floor and make sure there is no drop.
If you notice any one, you can fill in with one self
Leveling compound set up overnight.
Also, it\'s a good idea to walk around the room and make sure there are no loose nails on the ground floor.
It is a good idea to drill the screws on the floor to make sure there will be no creaking in the future.
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