the heartache of finding elijah marsh’s body: dimanno

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2019-08-11
They called and said, Elijah!
Hundreds of people, high and low, are looking for homes and playgrounds, especially those places where toddlers may be drawn: yards with swings spread back, A friendly sanctuary in the eyes of a young manscary places.
They looked for small footprints in the snow.
But everywhere.
By that time, Elijah Marsh could not hear his rescuers.
This is the only kindness in a story without a happy ending.
Forgetting has come.
Elijah is no longer cold or afraid.
David Ayers found 3-year-old.
On the ground behind a small wooden balcony, there is a trash can and a parked car next to it.
\"He\'s there and looks calm,\" Elines told The Star on Friday . \".
\"I put on his coat and cried out.
\"300, in a straight line, about 4: 20 from the child. m.
On Thursday, he pushed open the door to the entrance hall of his grandmother\'s apartment building.
Only diapers, thin T-
Dark and Deep shirt and snow boots outsidefreeze weather.
But Elijah did not go straight.
The final picture of the boy taken by the surveillance camera shows him moving west along the curved part of Dr. Neptune
At some point he will return to the back of the house on Baycrest Ave.
His body was found at 10, with no vital signs. m.
On the coldest night in Toronto, nearly six hours of exposure to bitter elements, the chill dropped to-33 degrees Celsius
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Some of the children who face cold deaths are fortunately suspended because he thinks he knows the cold.
But this is beyond his imagination.
For 17 months, elines has been cutting the picket line with 120 other workers at the Crown factory in the suburbs, who have left their jobs due to a wage and pension freeze, they claim management has threatened to hire almost half of their current salary.
Steve mchough said that earlier on Thursday, the staff members who went on strike in the morning, as usual, gathered in the scabs to replace the workers, \"chirping \", steel Workers union leaders lined up outside the factory near Highway 400 and Finch Avenue.
A sparse line with only 7 strikers, but well tied together in the cold wind.
\"We have been doing it for a long time.
\"We know how to dress for the weather,\" mchough said . \". In the warm-
After an hour on the sidewalk
They had a hard time hearing on the radio about the missing Elijah.
Since they are only a few kilometers apart, they call the police in 32 divisions and offer assistance.
“There was a 3-year-
It\'s so painful to be old in this weather!
Bert Pavis, another forward, recalls.
\"We know the cold.
We know all about warm socks, extra gloves, extra sweaters and hats.
We heard he only wears diapers.
So we said, okay, let\'s go.
Seven cars were piled up into two.
Five people Eleanor answered the phone.
Drive to the Lawrence Heights apartment building, where the police set up a command post to arrive at 8: 30.
The group split up to cover more land.
\"We asked each other 3-year-
Get Old that time in the morning, \"mchough said.
He went to a park behind the apartment building and checked the game equipment.
\"But there are too many footprints to follow.
\"Elines and Pavese walked down an alley in Dante Aliji high and towards the Baycrest arena where Pavese actually played hockey.
They ran around the arena, peeping at the door and in the alcove, but failed.
Dozens of other searchers have surpassed them.
The couple continued to work slowly and methodically, hoping to catch what others might have missed.
\"It\'s cold outside --oh boy —
\"After only one block, my cheeks froze,\" Elines said . \".
\"I thought he was wearing . . . . . . \" His voice choked.
\"But I think he will be fine.
Even in your mind, you know.
\"Through the playground, bay made a straight line for the playground behind the public school at Baycrest, with its brightly colored slides and swings seen from a distance.
Maybe a child will walk towards it. Elijah is a young man.
As I learned later
He is familiar with the playground and has worked in a nearby daycare center.
As Elines walked along the fence line, Pavese checked under the slide.
\"We listen to the radio on the way down the mountain,\" Pavese said . \".
\"They have experts who say how people react when they feel cold and lost their way.
But at the same time, we\'re talking about a 3-year-old.
You don\'t know what he\'s thinking and what he can do. Could he climb?
Where is he going to hide?
I\'m trying to find any leads I can find
Look for footprints.
All we want to do is help.
\"They were empty again on campus and walked east along Baycrest, too timid to venture into people\'s backyard.
Looking from the fence, they saw police officers in yellow vests working behind the house, while a group of searchers, about half a block in front, checked under parked cars and in the yard
\"I think every place has been checked,\" says Elines . \".
\"So I checked under the balcony and in front of the house.
Pavese continued: \"I think today is garbage day, so we looked at it in the bin because he might have climbed into a bin to warm up.
There are about five houses from the corner, 89 Baycrest is a small red house
Brick bungalow, no different from many other bungalows on the block.
Elines walked along the driveway towards a small wooden deck extending from the side door.
It was windy when he approached the deck to check.
As he walked around cautioulsy, he saw two small feet sticking out from behind the porch.
The body of a toddler sat in a pile of small snow hidden behind a wooden structure and could not be seen.
Elines took off his coat and put his clothes on the boy.
\"Bert was 20 feet away. he ran over and put his coat on him (too).
The police came quickly and they took over.
We just quit.
But there\'s nothing we can do.
\"The child was put on a stretcher and was carried to an ambulance within minutes and quickly rushed to North York General Hospital, where doctors and nurses fought frantically to save Elijah\'s life.
\"I hope he has a chance,\" Pavese said . \".
\"I\'m not a caregiver and I don\'t understand how they handle these things every day.
I pay tribute to them.
\"The Searchers are still hovering in shock, holding on to a glimmer of hope.
Hours passed until police posted the sad news on Twitter: 2: 05, Elijah was declared dead. m.
\"Everyone wants them to be a little faster, maybe it will be different,\" Elines lamented . \".
\"The little guy who knows what he\'s thinking?
He can go to the door handle and start taking risks . . . . . . It doesn\'t take long to make mistakes.
At home on Thursday night, Elines continues to be obsessed with whatifs.
Like every parent who heard of Elijah\'s disappearance, he thought of his own children: 20-year-old Andrew and 24-year-old Erica, who lived at home.
\"Erica gave me more hugs than I gave her.
I\'m really happy to see her.
It is difficult to reflect on this experience.
At first, neither Elines nor Pavese wanted to talk to the media. Co-
However, the workers saw Elines on the news footage, and mchough received a mysterious message from Elines saying that he would not return to the picket line.
Because he was unable to express his feelings in words, Elines asked his daughter to help him create a few paragraphs, and he emailed Star on Friday morning.
\"Yesterday, when we started looking for Elijah, we envisioned a different ending.
The media reporter at the scene called my colleague.
The workers and I were \"heroes\" before Elijah was discovered \".
In order for us to be heroes, the ending of the tragedy should be different.
I don\'t want to be labeled like this.
We are not heroes. everyone is heroes.
\"We did everything we could to help a happier ending.
For better results, everyone involved did what he or she could do.
I, like all others, hope that we can search faster or more efficiently, anything that can change the heartbreaking.
My colleague and I are in the heart of Elijah\'s family.
I only hope the little boy is in a better place.
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