‘builders took my front door hostage’: couple’s row with window fitters ends in bizarre showdown

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2019-09-18
A couple claimed that the window fitters removed their front door from the hinge and \"took it hostage\" on the issue of paying \".
Mandy Jenner, who had no door in front of his home with partner Andy Dawson, said the owner of the double glazing refused to return it.
The showdown was after three bitter battles.
Due to complaints, the company screwed up the installation of the door and used the wrong glass, triggering a month of bickering.
On Thursday, two workers from the company came to her home in Bexhill, East Sussex and allegedly confiscated the company.
CCTV footage showed two men arriving at the house, one of whom left with a white front door under his arm.
Mandy wrote on Facebook: \"What they do makes people believe. “Ken (the salesman)
Steve distracted me. a fitter)
Take the door open and walk down the street with it . . . . . . I\'m not kidding.
She said the window by the river called her and said the door had been removed and would not be returned unless they paid within an hour.
But Mandy wrote: \"We were told that no final payment was required until we were satisfied with the job.
Now we have no front door.
\"The couple said that when installed in last September, the river window tried to install the door three times after initially breaking the brick.
Her angry partner, Andy, claims to be a salesman at Bexhill.
The company at the headquarters agreed that the door was not what they ordered because it had transparent glass, not opaque.
Read more \"little British robbers\" imprisoned for raids, the scariest footage captured on CCTV cameras, police are hunting down women fumbling and winding around Mandy \"you can see through the door glass, not through the window.
\"That\'s why we are not happy with it, we were not expected to pay the balance before it was resolved, and we are happy.
Mandy accused the company of \"bullyboy tactics\" and said she had reported the incident to police and Trading Standards.
River Windows did not respond to requests for comment.
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