five of the best places to take a photo in rome

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2019-08-11
By carefully selecting your shooting location and capturing the essence of your Roman holiday, one of the seven hills of ancient Rome, if you head here in the evening, you will get the best sunset opportunity in the city.
You can also find an amazing picture point through a small key hole in the green wooden door on the top of the mountain --
It is perfectly aligned with the garden, with St. Peter\'s Cathedral in the center.
This is one of the most photographed places in Rome and you will not want to miss the shooting of this Roman icon.
Early start will get the best photo opportunity for the ancient stadium
It looks really spectacular at sunrise and you can beat crowds of tourists.
If you are climbing the 551 stairs to the top of St. Peter\'s Cathedral, you will be considered one of the most beautiful views of Rome.
However, you can skip the 320 staircase by paying to take the elevator to the top floor.
Visit in the morning or later in the afternoon to get the best light. A must-
When you are in Rome, Trevi Fountain is difficult to take pictures due to its popularity with tourists.
A visit before sunrise helps avoid the crowds and shoot a wonderful night view for you.
But don\'t be tempted into the water-
Police are cracking down on bad behavior of tourists.
Another iconic attraction in Rome with lots of pictures
There are perfect photo opportunities around the ancient temple and its Rodondo square.
Put your head in during the day to shoot the dome roof as the light passes through the hole at the top --
Or in the evening, visit the area when it is illuminated by beautiful lights.
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