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by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2019-08-09

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Abstract: People often say this. If it means that something is not reliable, it will be said to be papery. Zhang Peng also said that the use of honeycomb paper in the door core will not lower the quality standards of the products, because the inspection standard for wooden doors is the same regardless of the material changes.

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People often say that if they say that something is not reliable, it will be said to be papery. This statement also forms our view of paper - fragile. However, this is not the case. Some 'paper' - such as honeycomb paper - is not the case. Honeycomb paper can be used as a filler for interior doors, and there are other features that are incomparable with fillers. Now, let's get to know it with Xiaobian.

Misreaded cellular 'paper' board National standard has default

In June last year, there were media reports that the wind blew the security door of a dormitory in Hubei University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, revealing the 'paper core.' The word 'paper core' immediately caused heated discussion, and the public condemned the companies that used the paper core to do the door, and the doors made of honeycomb paperboard were considered to be inferior. However, at this point, consumers are really smashing the business, but also smashed the honeycomb paper.

'Using honeycomb paper as the filling material for doors and windows, which is widely used in the world, is also a very mature process.' Zhang Peng, secretary general of the Wood Door and Window Professional Committee of the China Wood and Wood Products Circulation Association, said that consumers are making honeycomb paper. The core is not linked to the quality failure because it is misunderstood in a kind of understanding, and the paper paste is not reliable.

'Our filling materials are in line with the requirements of national standards.' In the reporter's visit, the owner of the door and window store in the building materials market said, but from the boss's expression, the boss is still reluctant to relate to 'honeycomb paper.'

In the first wooden door standard issued by the state on December 1 last year, it was actually admitted that honeycomb paper can be used as a filling material.

'Honeycomb paper is a good thing. From a macro perspective, it can save China's timber resources; microscopically, qualified honeycomb products have better performance in sound insulation and noise reduction.' Industry expert Zhang Liang said that honeycomb As a filling material, the paper can fully guarantee the normal use function of the wooden door and ensure the long-term quality stability under the correct process production conditions.

Zhang Peng also said that the use of honeycomb paper in the door core will not lower the quality standards of the products, because the inspection standard for wooden doors is the same regardless of the material changes.

Popular science knowledge: Honeycomb paper is really very good

I believe that after reading the explanations of experts and industry insiders, consumers may no longer be so repulsive to honeycomb paper. However, for honeycomb paper, I believe that many consumers still have a dubious idea, so Xiaobian is here to share with you the knowledge of honeycomb paper. In fact, as an internationally recognized wooden door filler, honeycomb paper is characterized by other materials:

1. Stable performance. The honeycomb has a scientific structural principle that minimizes the internal reaction of the natural wood or finish on the surface and achieves a high level of product stability. For the door, such performance is a perfect fit. The stability of the honeycomb paper makes the door more durable.

2, thermal insulation. In the honeycomb core of the honeycomb sandwich structure, the volume of the solid material is only 50%, and the remaining space is the air in the closed state. By reducing air circulation, noise is effectively reduced, and insulation and sound insulation effects are achieved.

3. Good pressure resistance. Based on the principle of honeycomb structure, plus the balance pressure plate is added to the front and back of the product, the honeycomb structure can withstand sufficient pressure resistance and exert more stability, so that the product can maintain stable quality for a long time.

4, buffer vibration isolation. The honeycomb core structure has different depth of density and a wide range of elasticity, so it has excellent cushioning and vibration isolating performance. This kind of performance allows the door to be better protected when it is not working properly.

5. Energy saving. In addition, it must be mentioned that in order to save energy and energy, we should not carry out excessive cutting. In the furniture manufacturing industry, 1000 kg of paper honeycomb material can replace 30-50 cubic meters of solid wood board. It can be seen that the honeycomb structure is a light material with low material consumption and low energy consumption, which can save a lot of money. Natural resources such as wood, in line with the international environmental trend, is a new type of filling material dedicated to green, energy saving, environmental protection, high technology.

Industry Call: Change Understanding Start with Quality

Even if you know the excellent performance of honeycomb paper, it is difficult to change the perception of honeycomb paper in a flash. Not to mention, there are still bad commercial honeycomb papers in the industry as fillers, which will make consumers believe in honeycomb paper.

“The quality problem is mainly due to the fact that some small enterprises have not used honeycomb paper according to the correct process, and some even use honeycomb paper made from domestic garbage and industrial waste, which has caused adverse market impact, which has led many wood door brands to reject the use of honeycomb paper. Hu Zhongxin, secretary-general of the China Furniture and Building Materials Decoration Association, analyzed the reasons why public opinion rejected honeycomb paper.

The industry standard 'wooden doors and windows' 'GB/T29498' stipulates that honeycomb paperboard can be used as a wooden door filler, but it must meet the requirements for the use of honeycomb paper as specified in the standard BB/T0016, and the overall physical properties of the wooden door are also Product standard specifications should be met. And honeycomb paper can only be used as the door core of the interior door.

Expert Zhang Liang also said that honeycomb paper filling materials can not be done by all enterprises. Some small enterprises choose lower-grade materials for cost reasons. Honeycomb paper is not dry, not fully stretched, and contains Factors such as higher formaldehyde and other factors can cause the strength of the honeycomb paper to be weakened or the quality is not up to standard.

On behalf of the Association, Zhang Peng also reminded consumers that when purchasing wooden doors and windows, the indicators should be carefully understood, and the dealers should clearly indicate the contract contents. The dealers should also introduce the filling materials of the doors and windows to the consumers to avoid accidents. Necessary disputes.

Conclusion: The world is developing and technology is improving. And for our old ideas, we should definitely update them. I am willing to name the “honeycomb paper”, but I would like to say that for honeycomb paper, if the merchants can prove it with quality, then I believe that consumers will not reject the door made of honeycomb paper. It is precisely such inferior goods that consumers have low trust in new products. On the other hand, in fact, this is also the business of self-disruption.

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