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by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2019-09-29
In the 19 th century, Newbridge was a garrison town that grew up around the Cavalry Barracks and, in turn, was built on land purchased from three landlords, including the Hannon family of Kilbelin.
Today, the town of Co Kildare, located on the banks of Liffey, is a dormitory town and is well received by commuters entering the heart of Dublin.
In fact, local traders
Uppers and commuters are the target market for Kilbelin Abbey, a newly developed 4-
The upcoming bed separation property this weekend.
There will be 70 homes when the plan is finalized.
It is being built on the Athgarvan Highway, close to the existing early days
Named Liffey Hall by Mountain Development, the company is also developing 280 homes in Newbridge\'s paddock.
The first phase of Kilbelin Abbey consists of 14 separate houses in three styles
A separate House with beds provided in the original part.
The white monastery covers an area of 1,715 square feet and costs 415,000 euros, while the gray monastery is larger and more expensive --
The area is 1,725 square feet and 420,000 euros respectively.
The largest house is designed to be a black monastery with an area of over 1,870 square feet and a price of 440,000 euros.
Throughout the development process, the houses will be set up in the dotted landscape green space.
Depending on the type of house selected, the front exterior of the house is either halfredbrick, half-
The rendered block, or the completebrick.
Style details such as two front bay windows and bows in some style
Front railing at the top with reassembled granite on the high windowsill
Performance window.
In double
Facing the gray Abbey type, there is a family room on the left side of the entrance corridor and a living room with a bay window on the right.
Double doors from the family room to the center of these family homes-
Nolan kitchen will provide and install style kitchen units including soft kitchen
Close to doors and drawers and a peninsula unit.
From the dining area to the paved patio and a back garden surrounded by a capped block wall, the glass double doors open.
On the right side of the kitchen there are both guest bathrooms and utility rooms with kitchen units, modern countertops and side access. A red-
The deal features a staircase with walnut Nuel cap and walnut armrests leading to the first floor, where there is a master bedroom with bay windows and ensuite.
The floor also features a second separate bedroom, a family bathroom, a storage area and two other double bedrooms.
The buyer has a tile subsidy for the bathroom. The low-carbon, low-
The energy House in Kilbelin Abbey is designed to achieve A2 or A3 BER, thus controlling the cost of heating and hot water.
Kilbelin Abbey is very close to the cost-
Pay for the new bridge College and the only Irish guy in Kildale, Gaelic jorastel Dara
Middle School.
Newbridge is one of Ireland\'s largest retail shopping centers with 75 stores.
If traffic permits, the city center of Dublin is 45-
Due to the N7 and M7 located next to Newbridge town, the hotel is only a few minutes\' drive away, while the M50 can be reached within 25 minutes.
There is a regular bus connection between Newbridge and Dublin, and commuters can take advantage of the regular train service from town to city center.
Will watch the showroom of kilbeline Abbey tomorrow and Sunday from twelve o\'clock P. M. to 1. 30pm.
Home at fixture time-
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