Real wood door maintenance details in life have?

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2020-08-08

wooden door is a very common in our life, a lot of people like real wood, look and beautiful atmosphere, good maintenance method can increase the service life of the wooden door, but we are in use but don't know its maintenance way, so wooden door maintenance is the key to what? Follow the wood door manufacturer know together

1, the importance of temperature and humidity. Should keep indoor and ventilated, often maintain indoor humidity, make the wooden door in a normal room temperature, humidity, prevent wood due to moisture, temperature difference and deformation, slotted, metal accessories in rust corrosion, sealing side, wood veneer material loss. Strengthen the door wholesale

2, door locks, door handles, hinges and other hardware accessories maintenance. Don't often use hand open the wooden door with tar or other solutions, so as to avoid the lock. Open the wooden door or turn the door handle, don't too hard and lead to reduce the service life of the wooden door locks. Often hinges, locks and other activities of hardware fittings, loose occurs immediately. Wooden door locks open problems, can add right amount at the end of the pencil lead into the keyhole to lubrication.

3, the maintenance of wooden door in winter. Winter indoor temperature not too high ( It is advisable to keep around 20 degrees) , electric heaters, or other heating equipment to as far as possible away from the wooden door, lest make, its thermal deformation.

4, painting the walls, to be carried out on the wooden door cover, in order to avoid coating on the surface of the product, make facing material, fade, affect the whole beautiful.

5, the edges and corners of wooden door maintenance. Don't often rub the edges and corners of wooden door, in order to avoid damage to material of facing of edges and corners of fade.

6, on a regular basis for wooden door cleaning and dust removal, waxing, in order to maintain and service life of the surface gloss of the wooden door.

7, with a vacuum cleaner to clean dust on the surface of the wooden door.

8, pay attention to the cloth soaked in neutral reagents or water don't place too much time in the wood surface, otherwise it will damage the surface, the surface veneer material change color or splitting.

9, don't hang on the door leaf overweight or avoid sharp items, lest make, deformation and knock against, scratch wooden door, wooden door open or closed doors, don't be too hard or open Angle is too large, in order to avoid damage the wooden door.

maintenance is a skill, but improper maintenance or does not pay attention to maintenance, will not only reduce its life, and affect its beautiful. When choosing wooden door we need to have certain knowledge of wooden door maintenance method. Above is about wood door maintenance, you understand? And don't understand, welcome to contact us at any time!

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